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Johnson Controls Fiscal Year 2001: Earnings per share a record $5.11 / Fourth quarter a record $1.67

    Burscheid, Germany (ots) - Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) today
reported record sales and net income for its year ended September 30,
2001. Fiscal 2001 was the company's 55th consecutive year of sales
increases, its 11th straight year of record earnings and the 26th
consecutive year of dividend increases. James H. Keyes, Johnson
Controls chairman and chief executive officer, said "We appreciate
the support of our customers, employees and suppliers in this
difficult environment. With their support and with the diversity of
our businesses and markets, we are pleased to have achieved another
year of improvement."
    Full-Year Consolidated Results
    Sales for the full year totaled $18.4 billion, up 7% from $17.2
billion for 2000. Both of the company's business groups, automotive
and controls, achieved higher revenues. The effect of currency
translation reduced Johnson Controls sales for the year by
approximately $600 million. Operating income was $961 million
compared with the prior year's $965 million as a decline in operating
income from the Automotive Systems Group more than offset an increase
in the Controls Group income. Net income for fiscal 2001 was $478
million, up from $472 million. Net income for 2001 was aided by an
increase in equity income. Diluted earnings per share for 2001 were
$5.11 compared with $5.09 for the prior year.
    Johnson Controls said that free cash flow totaled $373 million
even though capital expenditures were a record $621 million. The
company's ratio of total debt to total capitalization declined to 38%
at September 30, 2001 from 41% at the end of fiscal 2000.
    4th Quarter Consolidated Results
    Sales for the three months ended September 30, 2001 increased 14%
to $4.6 billion from $4.1 billion for the same period of fiscal 2000.
Operating income was $291 million in both years, reflecting an
increase in controls income being offset by a decline in automotive
income. Net income rose 3% to $156 million, up from $151 million for
the fourth quarter of fiscal 2000, while diluted earnings per share
increased to $1.67 for 2001 from $1.63.
    Automotive Systems Group
    (dollars in millions)    
                                  4th Quarter                        Year
                                2001         2000        %      2001         2000         %
    Sales                  $3,330.6  2,898.1  15    $13,620.5 12,738.5  7
    Operating Income    $204.0      220.3  (7)        $720.5      765.2 (6)
    The Automotive Systems Group achieved record sales for both the
fourth quarter and full year. Sales increases for both periods
reflect new contracts for interior systems and batteries as well as
revenue associated with a Japanese seat manufacturer acquired at the
end of fiscal 2000. These increases in volume were partially offset
by currency translation rates and lower levels of industry vehicle
production. Industry production volumes in North America are
estimated to have declined 10%, and 11% respectively, for the three
and 12-month periods. Volumes in Europe are estimated to have
increased slightly over the prior year for both periods. Johnson
Controls said that for the fourth quarter, its North American
automotive interiors sales increased 7%, primarily associated with
higher shipments of systems for new sport utility vehicles and light
trucks. European sales increased by 4% (after currency translation)
in the quarter, largely due to higher shipment levels in Germany.
    The operating margin for the automotive group decreased in both
fiscal 2001 periods. The company said that in the quarter it
experienced lower margins that are typically associated with new
vehicle programs, as well as one-time costs associated with changes
made to its network of manufacturing operations. These issues more
than offset the inclusion of results from the Japanese seat
manufacturer and an improvement in South American operations.
    Controls Group
    (dollars in millions)
                                      4th Quarter                         Year
                                 2001        2000        %      2001          2000        %
    Sales                    $1,318.5 1,190.6  11    $4,806.7    4,416.1  9
    Operating Income        $87.0      70.3  24        $240.6        199.8 20
    The Controls Group supplies nonresidential buildings with a broad
line of integrated systems, services and facility management to
improve the quality of indoor environments while reducing operating
and energy costs. Sales and operating income for both the year and
the fourth quarter were records.  
    In the fourth quarter, sales in North America increased 9% due to
higher demand for installed systems, services and integrated facility
management. In Europe, sales were 50% higher as a result of
double-digit organic growth and the inclusion of the controls company
MC International that was acquired during the third quarter of fiscal
2001. Revenues in Asia declined by approximately 40% reflecting the
deconsolidation of a joint venture.
    The company commented that demand for its controls offerings
remains strong, with orders during the fourth fiscal quarter
exceeding the prior year. Particular areas of strength for North
American orders were the health care and government retrofit markets,
while demand for Johnson Controls Metasys( systems was also high in
the government and education new construction markets. The backlog of
uncompleted control system installation contracts at the end of 2001
was 20% higher than one year ago.
    Operating margins for the Controls Group increased in both the
three and 12-month periods. The increases reflect the higher volume
and the positive effect of productivity and quality management tools.
    Johnson Controls, Inc. is a global market leader in automotive
systems and facility management and control. In the automotive
market, it is a leading supplier of seating and interior systems and
batteries. For non-residential facilities, Johnson Controls provides
building control components and systems and facility management

    Johnson Controls (New York Stock Exchange: JCI), founded in 1885, has headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The European headquarters is in Burscheid, Germany. Its sales for 2000 totaled 17.2 billion, the Automotive Systems Group alone accounting for 12.7 billion of this figure. In the current "Industry Week" business magazine rankings, Johnson Controls has been listed as one of the top 100 best run companies in the world for the fifth time in succession.      ots Original Text Service: Johnson Controls GmbH Internet:      Further information is available from: Johnson Controls GmbH Automotive Systems Group Claudia Steinhoff Industriestraße 20-30 D-51399 Burscheid Tel.: +49 2174/65-3243 Fax: +49 2174/65-3219

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