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       In the first nine months of the current financial year, ATOSS Software AG has increased sales by 22% to DM 30.1 million compared with the previous year. Sales in the core area of Software Licensing rose by 43% to DM 12.3 million, whilst turnover at the Maintenance division went up by 50% to DM 5.8 million. Sales in the area of Services rose by 9% DM 5.1 million, whilst Hardware recorded a downturn of 9% to DM 5.4 million.

    During the third quarter, the Management Board of ATOSS Software AG took the decision to expand its product strategy. To support accelerated worldwide marketing, an international umbrella brand concept has been developed under the heading of "Staff Efficiency Managemen" (SEM). This entails the provision of electronic support for all business processes to aid the effective deployment of personnel. The essential factor is the integration of resources, projects and knowledge. However, SEM also takes account of the need to adapt the strategic management of work and time to the demands of the international marketplace.

    In the context of this decision to expand the company's product strategy, central importance will in future be attached to the implementation of knowledge management. By forging a link between existing ATOSS business process management, resource and project planning products and the field of knowledge management, ATOSS aims to open up new markets. According to the Gartner Group and IDC these markets in the year 2001 will be worth some US$ 8.2 billion. ATOSS intends in future to further expand on its leading position in the field of staff efficiency management by promoting sales of its e:fficiency product suite. The new products will be fully available in the year 2001 and will help to further boost sales by the second half of the year.

    Not least because of this broadening of the company's strategy, investments rose by 110% to DM 2.4 million. Personnel costs grew by 38% to DM 15.3 million. The number of highly qualified software developers rose from 21 in the 3rd quarter of the previous year to 38 in the reporting period just ended. The total number of employees grew from 129 to 181 at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2000. As a result of the increase in investments as well as delays in negotiating contracts for customer projects, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) to the end of the 3rd quarter 2000 were - DM 1.2 million (3rd quarter of previous year: DM 2.3 million). Net income after taxes in the reporting period just expired were - DM 1.0 million, as against DM 0.6 million to 30.09.1999.

      For the financial year as a whole, the company anticipates that
sales at just under DM 40 million will lag behind previous
expectations. In view of the deferred introduction of new and complex
products and the continued high level of investment, only a neutral
result is likely to be achieved for the financial year overall.
Despite the difficult environment affecting the IT sector
internationally, the Management Board of ATOSS is not satisfied with
the results attained. The highest priority will therefore be attached
to achieving a significant improvement in the company's figures. In
the medium term as a result of the broadening of its strategy and the
deferment of potential sales to a future date, the Management Board
looks forward to a return to the forecast growth rates. The company
will thereby comply with shareholders' expectations. Additional
external growth and an accelerated entry into important foreign
markets are to be achieved through acquisitions and participatory
interests. However following the adverse experiences of many
companies on the New Market, ATOSS took great care to examine
acquisitions in the current year therefore major take-overs are not
to be expected until 2001. The Management Board For further details
contact Raik Radloff, Am Moosfeld 3, 81829 Munich, Phone: ++49 89
427710, fax:++49 89 42771100 The full text of the quarterly report
will be published in the next few days.

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