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21.08.2000 – 11:57


ots Ad hoc-Service: ATOSS Software AG ATOSS Increases Turnover by 51% Profit Exceeds Planning

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    Munich (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      ATOSS Increases Turnover by 51%
Profit Exceeds Planning

    ATOSS Software AG successfully continued its dynamic rate of growth speed in the second quarter of 2000. With a turnover of DEM 20.73 million (plus 51%), it once again exceeded already high expectations. By acquiring numerous important orders and notable new customers, ATOSS Software AG has been able to further develop its market presence as a specialist for Strategic Management of Work and Time (SMWT). The largest growth rates were again obtained in the company's core business of software licensing, which brought about a turnover increase of 85% or DEM 9 million. Turnover from maintenance and hardware increased by 49% and 50% respectively, while the service segment grew by 21%. The number of staff grew by 42% to reach 169. In particular, highly-qualified developers were also brought on board. ATOSS began operating in the black much faster than had been planned for 2000. With an operating result of DEM 0.35 million, the company was able to match the level of the previous year despite the significant increase in investments in human capital and in research and development. ATOSS Software AG faithfully set forth its acquisition strategy in the second quarter. With the take-over of the software product AENEIS, the company also succeeded in incorporating one of the leading software technologies for analysis, modelling and optimisation of business processes into its product portfolio. With the integration of AENEIS, ATOSS has become the world's first provider of an integrated approach to continual optimisation techniques for workforce deployment.

    Co-operation with other enterprises also enabled ATOSS Software AG to consolidate its leading position. Thus, among others, joint marketing and sales activities were established with Soft Research GmbH, which is part of the Exact Group in the Netherlands. The existing co-operation with P&I has been considerably expanded now that P&I has taken over the /400 payroll accounting program from IBM. The level of integration is already especially high and thus the two companies have a shared customer base of 300 customers. In future ATOSS and P&I plan to jointly expand their total customer pool of more than 2,500 clients. A spate of orders from important new customers were obtained in the second quarter. The order from Deutsche Telekom AG marked the largest single order in the company's history. Other important customers such as, for example, AOL Deutschland, Procter & Gamble or ADO-lnternational have now placed their bets on Strategic Management of Work and Time (SMWT) with the newest technology from ATOSS. The company's successful internationalisation plans have already resulted in a substantial increase in foreign business in the first half-year or a turnover proportion of 7%. At present, the company is working at full-stretch to prepare for entry into the French market. Recently ATOSS acquired an important order from Lufthansa AG, CDG Paris. Top management is very optimistic with regard to business year 2000. Thus the company expects to reach its ambitious sales target of DEM 45 million together with and an EBIT of approximately DEM 3.5 million.

    The complete quarterly report can be found at www.atoss.com.

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