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    Munich (ots Ad hoc-Service) - ATOSS Software AG scores sales surge in Q1 2000

    ATOSS Software AG, listed on the Neuer Markt segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since mid-March, has continued to grow vigorously in Q1 2000. Calculated in line with US-GAAP standards, consolidated sales of this specialist for strategic management of work and time rose 67 percent on a year- on-year comparison from DM 5.1 million to reach DM 8.6 million. Of this figure, 9.5 percent was already sourced outside Germany. In first-quarter 2000, especially strong growth was seen in the key Software segment, where ATOSS scored a 186-percent rise in sales from DM 0.8 million to DM 2.3 million on a year-on-year basis. Sales booked for maintenance fees increased 59 percent to DM 1.7 million (DM 1.1 million in Q1 1999). In the Services and Consulting segment, sales leaped 29 percent to DM 1.8 million, as against DM 1.4 million for the same period in 1999, and hardware sales climbed 72 percent to DM 2.4 million, compared with DM 1.4 million for the first three months of 1999.

    Owing to high advance outlays for personnel, R & D and sales as well as the traditionally weaker first-quarter business, before interest and taxes as expected a loss was posted, but it was only DM 2.1 and thus significant less than targeted. Losses after taxes amounted to DM 1.0 million, which comes to a loss per share of DM 0.43. ATOSS expects that, as in previous years, earnings will improve appreciably as the year progresses. ATOSS is optimistic that for 2000 as a whole it will record figures in line with the forecasts published by lead syndicate BNP Paribas listing a sales growth to DM 45 million (as against DM 35.1 million in 1999) and a slightly stronger growth in EBIT to DM 3.6 million (up from DM 2.8 million in 1999). In subsequent years, when the inputs presently being made in the Company will come to bear more strongly, growth will presumably be far more pronounced. ATOSS therefore anticipates that sales will have increased by a factor of about five by 2004, and that earnings will surge at a far stronger rate.

    The full quarterly report is available on request from ATOSS Software AG or can be downloaded from the Internet by clicking For details, please contact: Raik Radloff, ATOSS Software AG, Am Moosfeld 3, 81829 Munich, Tel: ++49-89- 42771-194, fax: ++49-89-42771-100, e-mail:

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