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Industry Leaders Honor Visteon With Five Awards For Excellence in Design and Technology

    Detroit (ots-PRNewswire) - Visteon Corporation was the big winner at the Fifth Annual Design and Technology Awards sponsored by Auto Interiors magazine. Visteon received five awards, winning first place in four categories and second place in one, more than any other competitor.

    The purpose of the awards ceremony was to recognize those automotive interior products that provide a notable benefit to the end user, and, will make a substantial contribution to the advancement of the automotive industry.

    Visteon rose above the competition by taking home two first place awards in the Concept Division. Reconfigurable Projected Image Display (RPID(TM)) won in the Comfort & Convenience category and Superintegration(TM) won in the general category.

    "This was a very exciting night for Visteon, we are proud to be recognized for our innovative products and technologies," said Steve Delaney, Vice President and General Manager of Visteon's Interior and Exterior Systems. "We are dedicated to offering drivers revolutionary vehicle technologies that will enhance their driving experience. RPID(TM) and Superintegration(TM) are only two examples of the kind of innovative and consumer-focused technologies Visteon has to offer."

    RPID(TM) has the ability to radically change the way information is displayed to the driver. The RPID(TM) panel employs a high-definition projected image, allowing for customization of the instrument cluster and its gauges.

    Superintegration(TM) applies Visteon's expertise in various systems areas (chassis, climate control, electronics and interiors) to the vehicle cockpit, thereby reducing cost, weight and complexity, while increasing reliability, space and technology.

    In the Product Division, Visteon took first place in the Comfort & Convenience category for its innovative ICES in-car computing system (Information, Communication, Entertainment, Safety and Security); first place in the Safety category for Visteon Voice Technology(TM); and second place in the Manufacturing Technology category for Visteon Laminate Insert Molding (VLIM(TM)).

    "We are honored to receive these awards and to be recognized as an industry leader for products such as ICES, Visteon Voice Technology(TM), and VLIM(TM)," said Jim Wynalek, Visteon Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. "Visteon is committed to developing technology that benefits consumers. These products are intended to meet consumer needs by ensuring that time spent in the vehicle is more productive, entertaining and safe."

    Visteon's ICES system enables drivers to access the Internet and check e- mail, obtain real-time information such as news, weather reports and stock prices and also provides drivers with access to a turn-by-turn navigation system.

    Visteon Voice Technology(TM) is a convenient, practical, and easy-to-use technology for voice control of features ranging from audio and climate control, to the ICES system. This technology allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

    Visteon Laminate Insert Molding (VLIM(TM)) is a one-piece component that provides both hard and soft surfaces by having vacuum-formed laminate present in the mold during resin injection. VLIM(TM) is lower in cost than foam-in- place systems, reduces weight and improves squeak and rattle and fit and finish. VLIM is also fully recyclable.

    The panel of judges for this event comprised both journalists and OEM executives. The judges were: Ian Adcock, contributing editor, Auto Interiors; Ian Callum, director of styling, Jaguar; Douglas Halbert, executive designer, Honda; Truman Pollard, chief designer, Mazda Design North America; Maureen Sobolewski, staff project engineer, Interior Body Center, GM NAO; and Eric Strebel, director of design, Botzen Design Inc.

    Visteon Corporation is a leading full-service supplier that delivers consumer-driven technology solutions to automotive manufacturers worldwide and through multiple channels within the global automotive aftermarket. Visteon has a global delivery system of more than 130 technical, manufacturing, sales, and service facilities located in 23 countries. It has 81,000 employees working in three core business segments: Dynamics and Energy Conversion; Comfort, Communication and Safety; and Glass.

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