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29.03.2000 – 10:21

Japan National Tourism Organization

The Japan National Tourist Organization\047s Revised Japan Travel Updates Website
Will Be Launched at the End of March, 2000

    Tokyo (ots-PRNewswire) - The Japan National Tourist Organization announced today the imminent launch of a completely new-look Japan Travel Updates website ( Featuring easy access to an impressive and evolving on-line encyclopedia of useful information, the revamped website promises to offer every traveler an invaluable guide to one of the world's most fascinating destinations. The new site will be open for global access from the end of March.

    Riding the first wave of the global Internet revolution, Japan Travel Updates was launched in August 1995 as the official website of the Japan National Tourist Organization. A comprehensive site featuring a vast number of informative pages, Japan Travel Updates continues to be accessed an average of 3 million times per month by Internet users all over the world.

    Now this web-based "gateway to Japan" has been completely rethought and redesigned to offer even better information, even greater ease of use, and even greater utility. Need to check the departure time and fare for a train trip from Nagoya to Okayama?  How about trying a meal at a restaurant recommended by a journalist from your own country?  Looking for interesting walking courses in Kyoto? Might you welcome advice about a gift to offer a Japanese host? What's the weather like in Kyushu today?  Interested in a list of Tokyo's classic antique shops?  These are the kinds of practical questions that the new site will answer with a combination of useful facts and insider insights, presented in a sophisticated web environment.


    * Searchable English timetables and fare charts for train trips flights around Japan. Simply input the point of departure and the destination, then click to see the details. You'll be amazed at Japan's incredible travel infrastructure!

    * On-line reservations for 8,000 hotels and ryokan nationwide ranging rate from the very reasonable to the super-luxurious.

    * Searchable list of 1,000 restaurants representing an extraordinary spectrum of cuisines. Look out for discount coupons!

    * Powerful search capabilities to help the user get things done and have fun.

    * Many sections of a forthcoming edition of Japan Handbook (Moon Publications Inc.), an award-winning guide that has now been completely revised and updated.

    * Locations recommended by global media representatives working in Japan.

    * More than 200 recommended sightseeing walks.

    * 1:25,000 scale maps of twenty-two leading cities.

    * 1:200,000 scale map of Japan.

    * Today's weather and the weekly outlook throughout Japan.

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