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21.02.2019 – 08:30

Fremont Capital

How investors can generate attractive returns with Fremont Capital

How investors can generate attractive returns with Fremont Capital
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Dublin (ots)

Fremont Capital is currently one of Europe's most popular asset managers. This is particularly due to the company's location advantage in Ireland. Fremont Capital can offer its customers attractive deals on fixed-term deposits, with interest rates that are often significantly higher than those in Germany.

As an asset manager, Fremont Capital stands for stability, security and growth. This stability stems from many years of experience, high customer satisfaction and simple, accessible procedures. Investors can also profit from a great deal of flexibility and both trend- and time-oriented action.

When it comes to investments, customers care about security. This is an area in which Fremont Capital can show its strengths, as fixed-term deposit offers include a state deposit insurance. As an asset manager, the company follows EU standard guidelines, of which 20,000 established customers are convinced. And it's not only customers that are convinced: A 2018 Extel study questioned investment professionals on which investment companies they consider to be the most successful - and Fremont Capital was ranked first place among leading asset managers for stock trading and fixed-term deposits in Europe.

In terms of security, Ireland has a special standing, as deposit protection not only covers up to 100,000 euros, but up to 500,000 euros per customer. Fremont Capital currently manages around 32 billion dollars of capital, which proves that many wealthy clients trust this asset manager.

The third pillar at Fremont Capital concerns growth. Growth is generated in part due to early participation in promising companies, which frequently leads to excellent returns for customers. Fremont Capital often begins investing in innovative and promising IPOs from the very first financing phase.

Fremont Capital can supply the right investments both for conservative and growth-oriented customers, as the company combines "finest investment banking" with traditional "private banking". Customers can profit from fixed-term deposit accounts and from a profitable share package. Investors can rest assured that Fremont Capital will invest in companies that show potential, such as Uber or AirBnB - which are both likely to be listed on the stock market sometime this year.


Fremont Capital Ltd.
John Daniel Knox
T: 00353-766-803142

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