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PR: LAMILUX Composites receives international HACCP certification

PR: LAMILUX Composites receives international HACCP certification
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LAMILUX Composites receives international HACCP certification

Plastic sheets for HACCP hygiene standard and food safety

Food of all kinds travel a long way on their way to the end consumer. One thing counts above everything else: The need to avoid the risk of food contamination. HACCP-certified surfaces such as the fibre-reinforced composites (GRP) from LAMILUX Composites support this. HACCP International now certifies LAMILUX’s easy-to-clean, hygienic and stable GFRP products. As wall and ceiling cladding in the vicinity of food processing and storage, they ensure food safety in so-called “splash or spill zones”.

Thanks to special surfaces, LAMILUX products are more resistant to germs and chemicals and are particularly easy to clean. These properties contribute to LAMILUX composites being the perfect solution for ceiling and wall cladding in the food processing industry. This is now also proven by the internationally recognised HACCP certificate in the SSZ ("Splash or Spill Zone") classification. The SSZ classification means that the fibre-reinforced composites can be used in processing plants and storage rooms without any concerns as well as ensure that high hygiene standards are maintained there.

Eliminate hazards – reduce risk

Since 2006, the EU has regulated that the only food that can sold or imported is that which has been treated in accordance with HACCP at all times. Specifically, the HACCP regulation applies to all surfaces that come into contact with or are surrounded by food. The renowned certification body HACCP International specialises in the certification of these materials. The HACCP International certification mark is aligned with the due diligence obligations of the world’s leading food safety standards and quality systems. Ten key criteria are being investigated to ensure this full security. Certified products must meet all criteria, not just individual components.

These certified and super-hygienic products include the following fibre-reinforced plastics: LAMILUX AntiBac, LAMILUX Embossed, LAMILUX Super, LAMILUX X-treme and many more. By receiving the HACCP certification, LAMILUX Composites once again proves its uncompromising quality in the field of food hygiene.

About LAMILUX Composites GmbH

LAMILUX Composites GmbH has been producing fibre-reinforced plastics for around 70 years. The medium-sized company is the leading European producer thanks to its technologically advanced continuous production process, large manufacturing capacities and wide product range. LAMILUX supplies customers around the globe in a wide range of sectors, such as the building industry, the automotive and recreational vehicle sectors, refrigerated store room and refrigerated cell construction, and many other industrial sectors. With around 1,200 employees, in 2020, LAMILUX and its some achieved a turnover of €293 million. The family-managed company is based in Rehau, Bavaria.

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