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PR: 5 facts that make a good rooflight dome

PR: 5 facts that make a good rooflight dome
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Flexibility, quality, energy efficiency, ease of use and service

5 facts that make a good rooflight dome

Have you ever spent the whole day in a building and felt tired and unfocused in the evening? The reason for this is simple: lack of daylight. Daylight is a real source of energy for us humans and it improves our well-being as well as our physical and mental performance. But how do we get daylight into the building? For many decades, architects and builders have relied on the advantages of rooflight domes for this task.

Rooflight domes illuminate large office, administrative and industrial buildings with plenty of daylight and are very economical because they combine three functions at the same time: They enable lighting without energy costs through daylight incidence, ensure natural ventilation through fresh air supply and safety in the event of fire through integrated smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS). The requirements for a good rooflight dome are just as varied as the tasks. This is because: rooflight domes must be equipped for individual building types and needs. That is why the focus of a good rooflight dome is on flexibility, quality, energy efficiency, ease of use and service.

Flexibility for customised solutions

Architects and roofers work on different projects every day. Whether it's an educational facility or an industrial hall, a new building or a renovation: Thanks to the wide variety of designs, numerous glazing combinations and customised accessories, a rooflight dome adapts perfectly to any requirement. The range of rooflight dome designs is large: be it in terms of construction (square, rectangular, round or inclined) or in terms of use (ventilated, rigid or SHEVS). Specialists in skylights, such as the LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group, even develop special shapes. The rooflight dome package is rounded off perfectly with customised accessories. If the energy requirement is indeed higher, flat roof windows made of real glass can be used instead of composite rooflight dome glazing. Luxurious flat roof exits, for example, provide special highlights on the roof.

Quality ensures longevity

What would a good rooflight dome be without quality and stability? The border frame and the upstand of the skylight play a decisive role here. The border frame must ensure stability, protect the glazing with good thermal insulation and additionally meet the industry standard DIN 18234 for large-area roofs. The border frame is supported by the upstand. Upstands made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) in particular ensure a long service life for the rooflight dome. This is because GRP is, among other things, extremely weather and hail resistant, corrosion resistant, temperature resistant and robust. If the GRP upstands then provide more quality and an aesthetic appearance thanks to their seamless interior, there is nothing to stop the rooflight dome from having a long service life.

Energy efficiency for the highest requirements

Anyone who thinks that rooflight domes only provide daylight, fresh air and safety is mistaken. Thanks to multi-stage sealing systems, multi-layered composite glazing, thermal bridge-free constructions with optimal isothermal profiles and compact system tightness, the rooflight dome has become a true energy miracle. David Plaetrich, Sales Manager at LAMILUX, has been working in the market for skylights for almost 30 years and has followed the development of rooflight domes from the ground up: "You could almost call the rooflight dome the mother of all skylights. We have been planning, manufacturing and installing rooflight domes for over 70 years and have been constantly improving since then – in every process step, quality and performance. Today, a rooflight dome covers much more than daylight gain. It is a real energy and safety system."

Ease of use during installation

Of course, there must not be any problems when it comes to installation on the roof. For this reason, the rooflight dome is best delivered to the construction site completely pre-assembled and in safe and environmentally friendly wooden crates. This saves the roofer a lot of time during installation and guarantees user-friendly installation on the roof.

Reliable service

What is also essential for a good rooflight dome is the service available to planners and fabricators. This includes comprehensive and personal consultation, fast and reliable delivery as well as competent service for repairs. Professionals who have specialised in the construction of rooflight domes for decades enable the uncomplicated implementation of every chosen project through reliable support. In this way, customised, high quality and energy-efficient rooflight domes create light-flooded buildings, healthy working atmospheres and happy people.

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