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Cuvee Sensorium launches the first Champagne bottled exclusively in porcelain

Photo Credit by Champagne Sensorium / Editorial use of this picture is free of charge. Please quote the source: "obs/Cuvee Sensorium GmbH"
Photo Credit by Champagne Sensorium / Editorial use of this picture is free of charge. Please quote the source: "obs/Cuvee Sensorium GmbH"

Paris (ots) - On the 30th of October 2018, Cuvee Sensorium launched the very first Methusalem (6 liter bottle) during an event held at the famous Plaza Athénée Hotel in Paris, whose 3 Michelin star restaurant is run by the internationally acclaimed Chef, Alain Ducasse.

Champagne Cuvee Sensorium Brut Premier Cru is an exceptional luxury cuvee for Champagne, beauty and art lovers. It is presented in a unique and world premiering porcelain bottle (Protected by a worldwide patent).

Cuvee Sensorium is symbiotic, paying homage to different types of craftsmanship at the highest level. It unites different examples of excellence in a form that has never been seen before. Cuvee Sensorium aims to produce a product that allows fine art to meet with traditional ways of creating premium champagne and porcelain.

This unique and outstanding cooperation will set the bar even higher. Cuvee Sensorium has developed, in collaboration with the German porcelain manufacturer Reichenbach, a stunningly innovative porcelain bottle. Cuvee Sensorium is the first brand to produce such a bottle for Champagne: a glossy, pure white bottle, sublimated by a 24 carat gold decor for a new 21st Century authentic, stunning, timeless and unconventional luxury.

Cuvee Sensorium has partnered up with the prestigious family-led Champagne House "Edouard Brun"- further proof of the dedication put into guaranteeing only the highest possible measure of quality for this impressive and outstanding cooperation.

With the permission from the joint heirs of the late James Rizzi, one of the most popular contemporary creators of pop art, an important conclusion will be drawn from both this project and the experts in the international art markets. Cuvee Sensorium will release an extremely limited Art Edition, entirely produced in a stunning James Rizzi design.

The first release in November 2018 will consist in Methusalem 6 litre bottle in a classic and art edition. The launch of the 0,75 litre bottle is scheduled for mid 2020.

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