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03.05.2018 – 09:01


SolunoBC Makes a Flying Start in Finland - Acquires Taika Company

Stockholm (ots/PRNewswire)

After having established itself in Denmark and Norway, Soluno Business Communication is now also taking the step into Finland and onto Åland. The company is doing this by acquiring Taika Company, which specializes in cloud-based solutions. The acquisition gives a flying start in the new markets

SolunoBC is purchasing Taika's customer stock, Mitel platform and infrastructure and will take over operation of the cloud services. The acquisition means that the company has an ready installed and fully functioning system with ready routed transmission from the start.

Taika becomes SolunoBC's wholesale partner on the Finnish market and will also have the commercial responsibility for the customer stock.

Andreas Johnsson, COO and Wholesale Manager at SolunoBC, is very pleased with the solution.

"The acquisition of Taika's customer stock and system shortens the start-up stage from a purely technical point of view, but more importantly we have an experienced partner in place with an open partner channel from the start. Growing with wholesale partners is completely in line with our growth strategy for markets outside Sweden," says Andreas Johnsson.

SolunoBC takes over operation, technology and also acts as second line support. The company will also support and develop Taika and their partners with training and experience of running this type of operation, which gives great added value to Taika and their customers who use and sell the service today. The acquisition also means that there are great opportunities to expand the network of dealers in both the Finnish and Åland markets.

Pasi Sampakoski, CEO at Taika Company, sees great benefits in the acquisition.

"With SolunoBC's long experience and success in Sweden, I believe that together we can create really good service and strong growth in Finland and on Åland. That they are taking over operation of the platform and the technology with all their expertise creates huge added value," says Pasi Sampakoski.

About SolunoBC: Founded in 2017 as a merger between Solus Business Communications AB and Uno Telefoni. The merger was made possible through reinvestment in SolunoBC by the new owner SEB Private Equity and the founders of Solus and Uno. The company works with cloud-based communications solutions and will initially form the largest operator-independent player on the Swedish market. In addition to its continued expansion in Scandinavia, the company also sees huge potential for growth internationally, particularly in the European market.

About Taika Company:A Finnish start-up company founded by experienced entrepreneurs and investors in 2016. Taika Company is a service provider and integrator that delivers cloud-based business communications solutions in co-operation with its partners. The company is accelerating growth through reseller network with ambition to become the largest operator-independent cloud communications wholesale partner in the Finnish market. In addition, Taika Company sees growth opportunities on the international market for the omnichannel value-added services developed by itself.

For more information, contact: Joachim Brandt, PR & Information, , +4631-352-40-45

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