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PR Celle Tourism: Five "Fun Facts" about Celle

PR Celle Tourism: Five "Fun Facts" about Celle
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Five "Fun Facts" about Celle

In the Lower Saxony city of Celle, the roulades are eaten raw, and there is probably Germany's only listed wall-mounted toilette

CELLE | In the Lower Saxony city of Celle, there is not only the smallest university in Germany or a listed toilet from the 18th century - here, almost 100 years ago, even rocket vehicles were driving on the railway, and the city with more than 70,000 inhabitants on the edge of the Lüneburg Heath owns the world's first 24-Hour Art Museum.

"Fun Facts" are not only an entertaining way to impart knowledge, they often contain a lot of exciting things that remain hidden to the visitor at first sight. For this reason, we once collected and compiled five such curious but exciting facts that you should not miss when visiting Celle. If you want to know more, there are many more unusual and unknown facts about Celle. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Fact No. 1:

On the railway line Celle - Hanover, which was also called "Hasenbahn" (rabbit lane) drove rocket vehicles

During its construction phase, rabbits could hop over the rails, because this route has the longest construction period in Europe (from 1907 to 1936). Hence also the name Hasenbahn. The peace was only disturbed once when the company Opel 1928 used it for some experiments with rocket vehicles.

Fact No. 2:

In Celle, roulades are eaten raw.

And you only get that in Celle, because it was invented here. The famous Celler Rohe Roulade (raw roulade) which Bud Spencer supposedly had enjoyed as well. A skinny slice of beef, filled with mustard, bacon, and onions, rolled into a small roulade and served with pickled cucumber. It's a must!

Fact No. 3:

In Celle, there is probably the oldest, listed toilet in Germany

This garderobe, which was built in the 18th century, is located between the houses Großer Plan 1 and 2 (Sparkasse). At that time the "outhouse" usually was in the backyards, and the people used their chamber pots at night. Here, a comfortable homeowner allowed himself this facility in the "Zwische" (alleyway). Whether he shared it with his neighbours remains a secret. A video shows where it still hangs today.

Fact No. 4

Celle has the world's first 24-Hour Art Museum

39854828 - this is the number under which this unique museum concept is registered at the German Marken- und Patentamt in Munich: The first 24-Hour Art Museum of the world. In the morning, at noon, in the evening, and at night - the Art Museum Celle offers encounters with modern and contemporary art from the Robert Simon Collection and in changing temporary exhibitions.

Fact No. 5

In Celle is the smallest university of Germany

In particular, there are currently exactly seven students of the Technical University Clausthal Zellerfeld who are working at the Drilling Simulator, a research facility that is unique in the world, where the process of drilling into the ground is simulated with a hardware testing facility and a software simulator which are interconnected.

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