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12.01.2000 – 19:23

Beta Systems Software AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: BETA Systems Software AG BETA Systems Reorganizes North American Business Activities to Better Support Customers and Increase Profitability

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    Berlin (ots Ad hoc-Service) -    

    - Strategic Partnership with Allen Systems Group, Inc. (ASG):

    - BETA Systems to distribute entire ASG product portfolio for European market

    - ASG will offer entire BETA Systems product portfolio in North America

    - New US Based Storage Management Subsidiary Strengthens Business in North America

    BETA Systems Software AG, a leading provider of innovative systems management software, is reorganizing its business activities in the US and Canada via two key initiatives: an extensive distribution partnership with Allen Systems Group Inc. (ASG) of Naples, FL, and a new US- based subsidiary that will focus exclusively on storage-management solutions.

    In a contract signed today, BETA Systems and ASG, one of the largest providers of Enterprise Productivity Software (EPS), established non-exclusive, cross- distribution rights for their entire product portfolios. ASG will offer BETA Systems products in North America, and BETA will distribute ASG products in Europe. In a separate action, BETA Systems moved its storage management business unit, acquired through the acquisition of HARBOR Systems in 1998, into a new subsidiary based in the Denver, CO area. The new company will provide complete solutions for distributed storage management.

    "BETA Systems has enjoyed significant revenue growth in North America, but high business costs have kept profits from keeping pace," said Christiane Hotz- Firlus, CEO, BETA Systems Software. "The changes we are making are designed to reduce these costs and to generate a significant increase in revenue through broader distribution. With its extensive experience and resources in the North American market, ASG is the perfect partner to help us achieve these goals and serve our combined customer base better."

    New market access through strategic partnership Through the ASG partnership, BETA Systems is strengthening its position in the North American market and expanding its existing product portfolio in Europe. ASG (www.asg.com), which has a strong customer base and extensive customer-support infrastructure, gets non-exclusive distribution rights for all BETA Systems products and will provide first-level support for existing BETA Systems workload products world-wide. ASG will also provide first-level support for all BETA Systems products it sells excluding the storage management product line which BETA Systems will continue to support.

    ASG is also acquiring BETA Systems' workload product suite - BETA 41 Batch Bridge, BETA 42 Distributed Workload Scheduler, BETA 44 Workload Planner, and BETA 45 Workload Analyzer - which BETA Systems will continue to distribute in Europe. BETA Systems personnel based in the Atlanta office will become ASG employees.

    In parallel, BETA Systems obtains non-exclusive distribution rights to ASG's complete suite of enterprise productivity software. With these additional products, BETA Systems will offer more complete software solutions for the automation and optimization of data centers to its well-established European markets.

    New Storage-Management Subsidiary Will Focus on North American Market

    BETA Systems is strengthening its position as a provider of leading-edge storage management technology to the North American market by establishing a storage management subsidiary in the Denver, CO area. The new company, a wholly owned subsidiary of BETA Systems, will continue to build and market the storage solutions originally developed by HARBOR Systems, which was acquired by BETA Systems in December 1998. This extensive product line provides completely integrated, enterprise-wide storage-management solutions to heterogeneous IT structures.

    Victor Walker has been appointed CEO of the new BETA Systems subsidiary. Previously vice president and general manager of Groupe Bull's Storage Server Business Unit, Walker has extensive experience in the field of storage management.


    Gudrun König Manager Public Relations / Investor Relations

    Phone: ++49 (30) 399 26-307 Fax: ++49 (30) 399 26-294 EMail: guk-d@betasystems.com

    Janice E. Park VP, Marketing North America

    Phone: ++1 403.231.9838 Mail: janice.park@BETAsystems.com 1/1

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