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16.01.2018 – 10:15

VeranoHotels GmbH

Kos island Greece - Evaluation of tourist traffic, Data and challenges.

Kos island Greece - Evaluation of tourist traffic,  Data and challenges.
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According to Kos airport statistics, tourist traffic in Kos for 2017 noted a positive percentage increase of 19.16%. Kos marked a significant increase in European tourism markets. Even in cases of negative percentages, it maintains its high demand in absolute numbers. In this context Verano Hotels aspires to develop strategies that will contribute to the capitalisation of such tourist potential.

Düsseldorf, Kos - January 16, 2018- Evaluation of tourist traffic in Kos Island Greece - Data and challenges.

The tourist traffic on the island of Kos during 2017 holiday season, compared to 2016 season, as shown in Fraport's data on Kos Airport, reveals interesting facts that make a positive impression. Kos maintains high preference rates, which in some cases show an impressive increase in major tourist markets. At the same time, Kos's penetration into emerging and developing tourism markets is extremely important, thus forming a clear framework of goals and strategies.

More specifically, Fraport's statistics show the steady and significant penetration of Kos as a tourist destination in key European markets that are important pillars of its tourist traffic. Arrivals from the Netherlands and Germany showed a spectacular increase in 2017 compared to 2016. This year's arrivals from Germany increased from 208.561 to 310.187 people, showing an increase of 32.76%. The Dutch market performed in a similar way, with an increase of 31.08%, leading to the arrival of 110.550 tourists on the island. The tourist traffic from England is also steady with an upward trend, since this year's arrivals of 201.473 tourists represent an increase in tourist traffic amounting to 3.27%.

A very positive impression with an extremely optimistic prospect is given by the data concerning Eastern European countries and the Balkan Peninsula. Arrivals from the Czech Republic increased from 18.172 to 32.608 (44.27%), from Poland from 47.661 to 67.626 (29.52%), and Slovakia from 1.271 to 1.530 (16.93%). Slovenia is also a tourist market with an impressive increase rate of 43.37%.

Tourist traffic from Scandinavian countries and central and southern Europe, that also feed Kos' tourist industry, was marked by strong fluctuations. France and Italy show a significant decrease, still maintaining however their high rates in this year's arrivals. Thus, France with 19.941 arrivals dropped by 10.98% and Italy with 33.645 arrivals showed a decrease of 87.45%. To the contrary, the markets of Austria and Belgium showed an upward trend with 20.513 (15.03% increase) and 41.734 arrivals (27.69% increase), respectively. From the Scandinavian market, Finland shows a remarkable decrease of 71.14%, while Denmark, Norway and Sweden show an increase of 2.04%, 8.14% and 11.29% respectively.

Another country, significantly contributing in recent years to Kos' tourist traffic, is Israel. In this case as well, 2017 closed with the arrival of 37.593 guests that recorded an increase of 2.89%.

The total of Fraport data record a tourist turnover of 1,026,544 arrivals in 2017 compared to 861,467 arrivals in 2016, marking an increase of 19.16%. These data allow us to draw a series of conclusions:


- is still an extremely attractive destination, since it shows positive rates in
  tourists' arrivals. 
- Maintains its popularity in its      regular tourist markets
- Has great penetration in emerging      and developing tourism markets. 

After reviewing, evaluating and assessing these data, Verano Hotels highlights the need to capitalise this tourist potential and stresses the need to establish actions in order to achieve it. In this context, it aspires to develop strategies that will promote Kos island - Greece as an important and dominant player on the world tourist map.

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about Veranohotels: A portfolio of 6 hotels (3 to 5 stars) in Kos island Greece. Mastichari Bay 4*, The Aeolos Beach 4*, Dimitra Beach resort 4+*, Michelangelo resort & spa 5*, Citi Live hotel 3*, Erato studios & apts. Our head office is in Düsseldorf - Germany.

"copyrights: veranohotels, text by Ioannis Schoullis, photos by Emmanuel Christodoulides"

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