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28.11.2017 – 16:14

Travel Publishing GmbH

Kopie von:Kopie von:These destinations and resorts are sure to amaze even the most spoilt travellers!

Kopie von:Kopie von:These destinations and resorts are sure to amaze even the most spoilt travellers!
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The days when the Indian Ocean was solely associated with diving or honeymooning are officially over. Today, the resorts in the Indian Ocean, from the Maldives to Madagascar, compete with each other to come up with the most impressive holiday concepts, ranging from a Robinson Crusoe feeling and barefoot luxury to gypsy jet-set and the chic retro luxury of the 50s.

The resort's on the Maldives are especially known for their innovative concepts and maximum luxury. International interior designers skillfully combine traditional materials with high-tech comfort, with nothing left to be desired. From the villa, built over the lagoon, one can watch the jumping dolphins or enjoy the waterslide connecting the house directly with the sea. In the underwater restaurant one can wine and dine and enjoy the fish peeking in, while the lounge bar offers a view of the sharks being fed. Those travelling with friends or a big family may like the idea of booking a whole island, accessed, of course, by helicopter and luxury yacht. Even stars like Leonardo di Caprio, Kate Moss and the Beckhams have already enjoyed this experience.

Those who prefer nature can opt for barefoot luxury in the Robinson Crusoe style. Every little detail here is made of natural materials, without a single piece of plastic to offend the eye. Whole tree trunks serve as beams or pillars, and the restaurant lies on the other side of a bridge which hangs over the jungle. And yet one does not have to do without 5-star luxury.

As varied as the resort's themselves, so too are the regions and their islands. The Seychelles, for example, is famous for its granite rocks, while Mauritius is known as the Mecca for golfers and the spice island of Zanzibar prides itself on its snow-white beaches and an old town taken straight out of the Middle Ages. Then, La Réunion is like a piece of France in the middle of the Indian Ocean with an incredible, unspoiled mountain and plant world just as it was thousands of years ago. And Madagascar is a legendary world in its own right, where more than half of its inhabitants still believe in magic and veneration of their ancestors.

In his new coffee-table book - INDIAN OCEAN, publisher and globetrotter Stefan Loiperdinger presents the most unusual islands and resorts. This beautifully illustrated publication is composed of carefully researched information and includes brilliant photos from his numerous trips to the Indian Ocean.

Its the perfect present for travellers with high expectations or simply a treat for oneself. It is available in both English and German.

Take a look online at www.indianocean.de

And if it tickles your fancy, tell your readers about it!

You're welcome to use photos and texts as long you quote the book and the source


The book:

480 pages with fantastic pictures of Zanzibar, the Maldives, the Seychelles, La Réunion, Madagascar and Mauritius, including resorts and hotels. The publication is financially independent of any of the hotels mentioned.

480 pages, 30x 28 X 4 cm, 58EUR. Available in both English and German at


Information, free photo and text material

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Travel Publishing GmbH, 82031 Grünwald
Stefan Loiperdinger 
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