Introducing TastePlease - The New Way to Dine, Meet and Interact

Copenhagen (ots/PRNewswire) - March 22, 2017 marks the official launch of TastePlease, a Copenhagen initiative that offers food lovers across the globe a new platform for social dining and interaction. Experienced chef and former restaurant owner Frank Lantz is the man behind the project, and he is not afraid of thinking big.

"TastePlease will revolutionize the way we dine, meet and interact," he states. "The new social platform makes it much easier for people with a passion for food to come together - it's a worldwide dining club where everybody is invited."

Unlike other social media platforms, TastePlease's food universe is mainly focused on sharing in-person experiences. It is all about using modern technology to socialize the old fashioned way.

Connecting people through food

From blinis to burgers, food has the power to bring us together. Today's busy lifestyle, however, makes it hard to schedule meals with family and friends as often as we might wish.

The new TastePlease platform offers its users the opportunity to create, host and join culinary events anywhere, anytime. Professional chefs can find tasters to try out new menus, hospitable home cooks can fill the seats around their dining table, and hungry foodies can find their next unique meal.

Taste the world!

Thanks to the rise of Airbnb, we already travel the world living like the locals do. With the introduction of TastePlease, we can eat like - and with - the locals, too. It may finally be time to say goodbye to the infamous tourist traps and start indulging in true local flavours.

"The search for authentic food experiences was essential to me when I first got the idea for TastePlease," says founder Frank Lantz. "I wanted to make it easy for travellers to get a real taste of local culture and find something like that little family restaurant we all look for when we go abroad."

Link: Press Kit (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rldmyx11wzinbxz/AACG_VwUa6jhAcdrgzTQ0Ghia?dl=0)

About TastePlease

- TastePlease is based in Copenhagen, created by local chef Frank 
- From day one, TastePlease is available in 190 countries and 14 
- Go to http://www.tasteplease.com or downloaded as an app for iOS 
  and Android 

About Frank Lantz

- Frank Lantz is an award winning Danish chef and entrepreneur
- He has been working passionately with food and cookery since 1994
- After many years as a restaurant owner, he is now dedicated to 
  innovation and experiences 

Contact: press@tasteplease.com


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