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    Heidelberg (ots Ad hoc-Service) - MLP AG, Europe's leading financial services group for sophisticated private customers and academics is to increase its capital out of retained earnings. The company announced today that a nominal capital increase from currently 19.8 million to 79.2 million euros will be proposed to the annual general meeting on May 15, 2000. According to the company, the main aim of this measure is to improve the marketability of the share. Dr. Bernhard Termühlen, CEO of MLP, says: "This is a step towards taking even more account of our shareholder's interests. Making the shares more tradeable and increasing trading volumes are in the interests of our shareholders. This also supports index-related measures for the MLP-stock.

    The current subscribed capital, which totals 19.8 million euros (9.9 million ordinary shares and 9.9 million non-voting preference shares), is to be increased to 79.2 million euros by the conversion of part of the capital reserves into share capital in the amount of 59.4 million euros. As a result, the number of ordinary shares and preference shares will rise to 39.6 million each.

    "This step is also aimed at making the free float of Stock as large as possible," commented Termühlen.

    For each existing share, current shareholders will receive three new shares which will be issued as bonus shares. The rights and claims attached to these three shares after the stock split will be exactly the same as those attached to one old share. MLP will continue to pursue its shareholder-oriented distribution policy. Termühlen says: "Since MLP already announced in November 1999 an increase of more than 30 % in the group and holding company earnings, this in effect means an increase in the overall distribution. Our shareholders will of course take a positive view of this measure.

    After the resolution has been adopted by the annual general meeting and the capital increase registered in the commercial register, the banks that manage shareholder's securities accounts will automatically carry out the stock split.

    The year 2000 is also expected to be a successful one for MLP. The company continues to assume strong growth, increasing profitability and thus further share price gains.


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