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    Augsburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) -

    With several orders worth millions, highest order volume in company history - CPU Softwarehouse AG continues strong growth - development to e-banking corporation completed - presentation of 1999 audited financial statement

    At a press conference in Munich today, CPU Softwarehouse AG informs the public about the very positive business development in the first quarter 2000, about future company plans and the audited financial statement for 1999.

    CPU Softwarehouse AG continues to record significantly strong growth. In the first quarter of this business year, the highest order volume in company history was recorded, with 25,33 million DM. Several orders worth millions, from large German banks and DP centres, contributed towards the order volume.

    The company order volume, which will also be mainly reflected in the turnover for the year 2000, is already approaching the turnover value achieved throughout the entire 1999 business year. This was 14,7 million Euros, a four-fold increase compared to 1998. The company is aiming at turnover levels of approx. 35,8 million Euros for the current business year. The target figures for 2000 will be presented to the public by CPU Softwarehouse AG in May, together with the report for the first quarter 2000.

    The CPU Softwarehouse AG Executive Board expects the positive business development to continue in the current business year. Such optimism has its source in the completion of CPU AG's development as an e-banking corporation and in the fact that, with its approx. 30 standard software products and services, CPU AG is the preferred partner for financial service companies. Nearly all large German banks and major banks in Switzerland and Spain are CPU Softwarehouse AG customers.

    With CPU-C5, CPU Softwarehouse AG provides a European banking platform with a unique feature, which only requires access to one database. With Handy Banking, the internet-supported investment software INA and MWB Control, a software solution for material costs management at financial service companies, CPU Softwarehouse AG has further innovative products with high sales volume at its fingertips. All financial service access paths are covered by CPU-C5: internet, self-service, multiple branch, mobile and m-commerce and e-commerce banking. The Handy Banking (mobile phone) product, presented at the CeBIT 2000, has been installed at approx. 120 banks, savings banks, agricultural and commercial co-operative banks in the last few weeks.

    The CPU Softwarehouse AG Corporate Group will profit exclusively from organic and operative growth in the current business year; further company acquisitions from approved capital are not planned. The high-income business with licensed software will provide the main share of the overall turnover.

    CPU Softwarehouse AG is also convinced that the further internationalisation of the company will also contribute towards success. The expansion or extension of business in Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain is planned for this year.

    The planned stock market flotations of subsidiaries and companies in which a participating interest exists will bring additional extraordinary revenue and will uncover considerable still reserves. In the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year, Much-Net GmbH and NewsNet Media AG will experience their respective placements on the Neuer Markt in Frankfurt. IN-EX-SYS AG, Zurich and Telesoft GmbH, Starnberg plan to go public in the following years.

    The CPU Softwarehouse AG operating result for the 1999 business year was - 5,1 million Euros after tax, the income per share -0,73 Euros. This was considerably better than last expected by CPU Softwarehouse AG. In the report for the third quarter, 1999, the company itself considered an additional fall in turnover and revenue by up to 10,2 million Euros possible. This was caused by the effects of the frozen zone which had not been expected to such degrees up until that moment.

    The result also has a negative effect on the Employee Stock Options Plan with 0,9 million Euros and the goodwill amortisation of 1,9 million Euros. In addition, the turnover revenue from the acquired subsidiaries was consolidated as of US GAAP but it was not possible to do the same for the profit of 1,1 million Euros from these subsidiaries.

    The acquired subsidiaries, in particular, contributed toward the positive turnover trend of the company in 1999.

    The organisational merging of T&R GmbH with CPU Softwarehouse AG is running according to plan and should be completed in 2000.

    Through the financing of acquisitions with approved capital, a significant degree of flotation proceeds have remained untouched and will be used according to plan, for the expansion of sales, marketing and internationalisation strategies.

    The capital ratio was 94 % as of 31.12.1999.

    On 31.12.1999, the balance reference day, CPU AG employed 203 staff, this being an increase of 332 %, compared to 47 staff at the 1998 individual company statement. The staff fluctuation is virtually zero.

    The internationalisation strategy bore its first fruit: branches and co-operations were established and further developed in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakian Republic and Switzerland. The CPU Softwarehouse AG Executive Board expects further high turnover orders from these countries in the near future.

    The comprehensive, audited financial statement is available as a PDF file and can be downloaded from the internet. It can also be called up via the German Stock Exchange.

    The entire press conference will be recorded live and will be available from Monday as a live stream on the internet, at www.cpu-ag.com.

    Compiled by: Kay Schleef Director of Strategic Marketing, M&A Further information can be found under: www.cpu-ag.com

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