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FuturaSun new high efficiency PV modules with 4 busbar and 35 mm frame: more energy and less transport costs

Cittadella (PD) - Italy (ots) - At Intersolar Europe FuturaSun presents the new high efficiency module FU 300 M and new monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules with a new thinner frame and 4 busbar and the new Energy Station Plus: a compact lighting and phone charging solution for Off-Grid situations.

It is a special debut for the new FuturaSun FU 300 M module (http://ots.de/C8LV2), presented for the first time to the international community. It's a high efficiency 4 bus-bar monocrystalline PV module characterized by an efficiency of 18.2%. The module's dimensions are similar to the classic 60 cells (1650 x 990 mm) poly module widely used in the market. However, thanks to the higher efficiency and higher peak output, it is possible to save BOS and installation costs. The product is also ideal for rooftop installation where a greater total peak power can be achieved from a given roof surface.

Thanks to its new 35 mm frame, the module is lighter and thinner than other similar products, but still offers a high mechanical performance. Thinner modules mean less transport cost: a pallet can contain more modules and the transport costs decrease.

FuturaSun presents also the polycrystalline 4 bus-bar PV module FU 260 P, and FU 290 All Black, a new full black high efficiency monocrystalline module, all with the new thinner 35mm frame.

Moreover the Company presents at Intersolar also the stand-alone PV systems and solar lighting kits, ideal solutions for places not connected to the electrical grid. Energy Station Plus (http://www.futurasun.com/product/energy-station-plus/) can light up huts and boats with its 3 LED bulbs and charge mobile phones and other electronical devices with USB port. The new PLUS version has a new rechargeable battery lithium-iron-potassium with increased thermal resistance and longer life span.

FuturaSun: The Company FuturaSun is part of the Futura Holding LTD with headquarters in Cittadella (PD), Italy. It was founded in 2008 and has production facilities for high performance photovoltaic modules in Europe and China. In addition to PV modules, FuturaSun also offers solutions for solar lighting and off-grid solar systems.

Please, visit:  www.futurasun.com

More information at: http://ots.de/2Zcg9 

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Ricarda Gutsch - press@futurasun.it - +39 342 9080 359

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