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SolarSkin: Innovative nano protection for photovoltaic & solar thermal systems

Thessaloniki, Greece (ots) - At Intesolar Europe (Hall B3,Booth 157), Iris Hellas is presenting SolarSkin(TM), the innovative patent HyDRoP(TM) nano-coating system, for photovoltaic and solar thermal panels.

Maintaining energy efficiency of PV systems over time is a hard challenge. Although several factors affect the efficient operation of solar modules, all experts agree that lack of cleaning is the most important one.

Staining, dirt and dust, leaves, pollen, bird droppings, snow, lime-scale and other pollutants prevent solar radiation from reaching the cells of solar panels and inevitably, the efficiency of the solar system is reduced. Thus, solar panels require periodic cleaning.

SolarSkin(TM), facing these problems in an integrated way, offers:  
- Glass renovation and cleaning (removes 98% of pollutants). 
- Restoration of glass relief. 
- Surface transformation to non-stick and anti-soiling (no need for 
harsh cleaning methods and chemicals). 
- Super Hydrophobic & Self-cleaning properties (dust and dirt are 
washed away with rain). 
- Glass protection (from acid rain and environmental pollution). 
- User-friendly (easy to apply, do-it-yourself packaging) and 
environmentally friendly. 
- Immediate improvement of power efficiency. 

Certified by renowned organizations, SolarSkin(TM) ensures unhindered transmission of the light, unparallel resistance to chemicals, temperature changes, UV and abrasion.

Its high endurance is due to strong covalent bonding with the substrate. After application, the solar panel?s surface becomes hydrophobic with an initial contact angle of about 105°. This angle is reduced less than 20% after about 15.000 cleaning cycles.

SolarSkin(TM) can be applied both by end users and glass producers. It comes with seven years warranty. Tested and certified by the National Centre for Scientific Research "Democritos", the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and TUV.

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Mr Aristotelis Biliouris, Mobile Phone: +30 6946466767

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