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    Vienna (ots Ad hoc-Service) -    

    First-quarter sales remained at the same high level as a year before at EUR 19.4 million. At the same time, the average number of employees over the period rose 6.5% to 1,037. In the wake of dramatic changes in the industry, an unfavourable ratio of active personnel to personnel in training had a negative impact on operating earnings.

    BEKO Classic (IT consultancy in engineering and in the computing field):

    As a result of advance infrastructure-related expenditure and increased personnel (training) costs, EBIT fell from EUR 2.2 million in the first quarter 1999 to EUR 1.0 million in 2000.

    Due to the collapse of the German ERP market, the high optimism of our German subsidiary BEKO Informatik GmbH could not be realized. BEKO Informatik GmbH is lagging substantially behind its planned targets, as only industry-average growth could be achieved using the methods applied until now. The growth forecasts will be achieved through acquisitions in future. Management problems which arose in the past have now been resolved by the dismissal of the responsible general manager and the reorganization of management responsibilities.

    The Austrian subsidiary BEKO Ing. P. Kotauczek GmbH has developed according to plan in the past quarter. Its entry into technical software in the engineering field has borne its first fruits. This segment is being expanded rapidly in the direction of embedded software and device networking, with remote surveillance in the home and B2B areas as its focus.

    BEKO New Economy BEKO plans to expand its existing holding in the German company AC-Service AG to achieve the status of a "significant influence" as defined in IAS Rule 28. In the context of the restructuring within BEKO's German subsidiary, the management is also considering combining BEKO Germany's activities with AC Service, and the controlled withdrawal of BEKO Ing. P. Kotauczek GmbH is also possible. In the medium term there might also be a management cross-over between the two companies. Synergies will be achieved efficiently through close cooperation on future ASP projects.

    In future BEKO will devote itself more to the theme of "Internet through power lines", the transport of data via the electricity network. A special form of embedded software is required to achieve the goal of "Internet from the power point", and BEKO has concluded a development agreement for this software with the company Datasoft.

    In the area of voice communication, the helpdesk and systems management activities of BEKO Ing. P. Kotauczek GmbH are being expanded further, and participation in existing call centres is being considered in order to reinforce existing know-how and expand our database.

    BEKO strategy The negotiations with " enterprises" in the B2B areas of financial services, medium-sized marketing and trading systems have moved into the decisive phase. The investment policy of BEKO Holding AG includes both financial participations and strategic partnerships, as well as exercising strategic influence as a Significant Influence.

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