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25.05.2017 – 07:01

Accedian Networks Inc.

Accedian's Next-Gen SkyLIGHT Solution Adds NFV-PM, Gives Operators Unprecedented Accuracy and Scale

Montreal (ots/PRNewswire)

Accedian's patented solution adds new distributed capability for precise, decentralised, one-way network performance monitoring

Accedian, original inventor of patented virtual clock technology-enabling accurate, one-way network performance measurements without the need for external synchronization, is raising the bar again with the latest version of its SkyLIGHT(TM) performance assurance solution.

The new version of SkyLIGHT employs network functions virtualisation (NFV), performance monitoring (PM), capabilities both for mesh and hub-spoke type of active testing that dramatically enhance the scalability and pervasiveness of existing one-way performance monitoring with a hardware-assist option that makes virtual clock synchronization even more accurate-up to 10 times better than competitors.

The new Accedian solution offers microsecond precision; patented 1-way measurements; real-time, ultra-high granularity (with measurement reporting capabilities down to seconds); and ubiquitous, seamless integration with third-party standards-compliant network element PM responders.

Click here to see a diagram showing how Accedian's SkyLIGHT solution provides unrivaled network monitoring coverage.

SkyLIGHT is the telecom industry's first performance assurance solution that leverages NFV, and extends advanced monitoring capabilities across the entire network. More than 15 of the top 20 global operators (including Reliance Jio and Telefonica) use the award-winning SkyLIGHT solution to ensure visibility of their next-generation networks. The NFV-PM enhancement allows extension of that monitoring-even at locations without existing test functions-in a timely and cost-effective way.

The latest version of SkyLIGHT leverages standards-based reflectors and network performance elements, and can be deployed completely virtually (with no dependency on proprietary hardware), making it a highly scalable and flexible solution. Small form factor modules at the sender location provide the ability to monitor thousands of sessions from each module, with microsecond level accuracy. SkyLIGHT provides unparalleled and unrivaled visibility of network performance, enabling operators to differentiate themselves from their competitors and ensure quality of experience (QoE) for their customers.

"For operators, service providers and enterprises, the need is becoming more pressing for continuous network performance monitoring that's accurate and easy to deploy," stated Michael Howard, Senior Research Director and Advisor of IHS Markit. "Providers and enterprises will want to examine Accedian's latest version of its SkyLIGHT, since it takes performance monitoring to a new level, and from our vantage point, it appears to be the only one that can do one-way monitoring with a completely virtualized solution."

"Accedian is a pioneer and an established market leader in network performance monitoring. For example, we've provided virtual clock capabilities as an integral part of our offering since before 2011," said Accedian Vice President of Products, Martin Labelle. "There are no other performance assurance solutions on the market today that can match the accuracy, flexibility, and scale of the SkyLIGHT NFV-PM solution."

About Accedian

Accedian delivers exceptional end-to-end network performance visibility, for control over the best possible user experience. Providing the most complete, current view of network health, Accedian dramatically improves visibility with actionable insights for peak reliability and quality of service (QoS). Accedian enables control over increasingly complex networks to increase agility, and reduce cost. Most importantly, through a fully optimized and performance assured network, Accedian proactively ensures maximum uptime and for peak quality of experience (QoE). Since 2005, Accedian has assured hundreds of thousands of networks and services globally, turning performance into a key competitive differentiator. For more information, visit Accedian.com. Follow us on Twitter: @Accedian


For further information, please contact:
Anais Merlin or Alex Sowden
T: +44-203-824-9200
E: accedian@ccgrouppr.com

Natalie Mountain
T: +1-514-331-6181 ext. 674
E: nmountain@accedian.com

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