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02.02.2018 – 11:00

NTT Group / NTT docomo

NTT Group Showcasing B2B2X Business Model Cases at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona

NTT Group Showcasing B2B2X Business Model Cases at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona
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Tokyo, Japan (ots)

NTT Group will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2018. NTT Group will introduce the new value brought to each industry field through collaboration with a wide range of partners by presenting representative and forward-looking examples of the B2B2X cases making use of such technologies as AI, IoT, and 5G.

Major exhibits

1) 5G

Provides 5G advantages of low latency, high data rates/high capacity, and massive connection density in a live demonstration of a robot performing calligraphy.

2) Sport & Culture

- Smart Stadium

Introduces safe and secure access control in a stadium VIP room using facial recognition, content distribution matched to the individual's preferences using voice recognition.

- Car racing and bicycle road racing

Big data obtained from sensors on race vehicles are collected and analyzed to give racing teams a competitive edge, and how fan engagement is enhanced by processing data to provide new viewing experiences.

3) Mobility & Logistics

- Ship navigation control

Optimized ship operation as well as failure prediction and prevention of malfunction of devices related to ships through analysis of various ship data collected, utilizing edge computing and AI.

4) Manufacturing

- Smart factory

Human-robot collaboration using technologies like edge computing, application distribution, and real-time fault detection for reducing downtime.

- Worker safety management

Shows how effective safety management is achieved using sensors worn by workers.

5) Agriculture

- Smart agriculture, livestock, and fishery industries

Producer support initiative using AI and sensing technologies to add value by analyzing by product growth.

6) Life & Environment

- Monitoring system to protect endangered species from poaching

Creating a safe environment for endangered species. Connected via IoT, it tracks and monitors human activity.

- High-resolution 3D digital map AW3D

3D relief map of regions by means of a digital elevation model with 5-meter resolution, enabling global surveys and simulations of the environment and urban studies.

Further information is featured on NTT Group's dedicated Mobile World Congress website: http://www.ntt.co.jp/activity/mwc/en/index.html

Picture is available at AP Images (http://www.apimages.com)

About NTT Group

Formed from various technology companies, the NTT Group is one of the world's leading ICT companies. Managed from offices all over the world, the NTT Group's network provides customers with services, support and experts. NTT Group offers the global provision of a wide range of information and communications services from broadband access to system integration, backed by the world's leading research and development capability. It has a consolidated operating income of 1,539.8 billion yen, consolidated operating revenues of 11,391 billion yen, approx. 275,000 employees and more than 240 data centers. For further information, please visit: www.ntt.co.jp.


Edelman.ergo GmbH
Pelkovenstraße 147
80992 Munich

Contact person:
Tanja Schuermann
Phone: +49-89-41 301-709
Email: tanja.schuermann@edelmanergo.com

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