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With PAY.ON, arvato infoscore is now offering a state-of-the-art risk management and payment platform
International finance solution for merchants and PSPs

Baden-Baden (ots) - Professional risk management and the perfect range of payment options are becoming increasingly important for online shops. After all, a broad range of customer-preferred payment methods lead to a higher rate of conversion, more successful orders and increased revenue - all in a way that is fast, flexible and secure for the merchant.

The new partnership between arvato infoscore and PAY.ON has brought about a flexible solution that is unique on the market, enabling online shops and payment service providers (PSPs) of any size and from any country to design their checkout process in a simple way that maximizes conversion while minimizing risk.

Customizable and modularly scalable omni-channel platform

The two companies have taken arvato infoscore's risk management fulfillment solution "risk solution services" - which has been successful on the market for several years now - and have fully integrated it into the PAY.ON platform. The state-of-the-art risk management tool is available for merchants to use in a quick and simple way, without high administrative costs. It enables merchants to offer the right mix of payment methods in all European countries, while also regulating critical KPIs - such as conversion rate - in an intelligent way and in real time. They can structure their payment options in an attractive and globally diverse manner and can use plug-ins to incorporate the particular country's preferred payment methods. At the same time, the tool reduces chargebacks and fraudulent orders to a minimum.

arvato infoscore and PAY.ON relieve the cost pressure that PSPs and their merchants would face if implementing a proprietary solution. Experience shows that the integration of different risk management and payment solutions is usually associated with great expense and risk.

From avoiding risk to maximizing revenue

Kai Kalchthaler, Director of Risk Management at arvato infoscore, explains: "This omni-channel strategy allows online shop operators to control the areas of risk management, fraud prevention, sophisticated decision-making logic, payment method management, limit management and payment processing - all on a single user interface. By using the right mix of all of arvato infoscore's relevant and exclusive data sources, combined with existing customer information (order, payment and late-payment history), the shop operator can run a comprehensive customer assessment."

Markus Rinderer, CEO of PAY.ON AG, adds: "This joint solution provides PSPs and merchants with the chance to benefit from the latest payment technology, thereby improving their position in relation to national and international competitors when it comes to conversion rates and risk protection. PAY.ON translates complex technologies and demands into simple solutions that comprise all aspects of today's omni-channel payment and risk management processes - including easy implementation, intuitive handling and immediate connectivity to over 300 payment providers throughout the world."

This enables customers to individually determine their acceptance policy and risk tolerance. arvato infoscore then converts the specifications into appropriate risk solution services. A risk manager who is assigned to the specific customer regularly monitors the KPIs and provides recommendations on how to optimize risk management. This means merchants have a comprehensive worry-free package with exceptional risk management fulfillment and payment management, all from a single source; it also supports SEPA payments and is compatible with global markets.

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