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22.11.2019 – 16:43

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GCE news mail: German market news week 47

German market news week 47

Dear all,

Please find hereby the weekly market news:

Market News

- New at the ITB Berlin 2020: Home of Luxury: In cooperation with loop and 
  Luxury Hotel & Spa Management launch the ITB Berlin a home for suppliers and 
  buyers of the luxury industry. They organize one-on-one business meetings in 
  an exclusive atmosphere, networking sessions and a HOME coming After Work 

Destination News

- Canarian hoteliers demand higher investments in tourism: The public funds, 
  currently 61 million euros, which the Canary Islands government is providing 
  to improve infrastructure and marketing, should be doubled, say the hotel 
  associations of the archipelago. The government intends to provide 35.5 
  million euros for tourism infrastructure, 19 million for advertising and 6.6 
  million euros for tourist information, according to a report by the Spanish 
  specialist portal "Hosteltur". In the opinion of the hoteliers, that is far 
  too little to meet the challenges. 

Tour Operator News

- Turkey's Anex Group buys Öger and Bucher: According to FVW, Anex Group is 
  acquiring the Thomas Cook Germany subsidiary 'Bucher Reisen & Öger Tours 
  GmbH', which combines the two separate tour operator brands with 84 staff at 
  offices in Hamburg and Meerbusch (near Düsseldorf), for an undisclosed price 
  and subjective to regulatory approvals. The takeover will make the Turkish 
  group, which already has a small tour operator business in Germany under the 
  Anex Tour brand, into a significant player on the German market. Öger Tours is
  one of Germany's biggest tour operators for Turkey and also offers holidays in
  Egypt and other destinations in the region. Bucher Reisen mostly sells 
  budget-priced holidays in other Mediterranean destinations and some long-haul 
  destinations. Neset Koçkar, chairman of the family-owned group, said the 
  takeover of "these valuable brands" would generate real additional value for 
  Anex and demonstrated its ambition to become "a global player" in the tourism 
  industry. Anex Group, with turnover of about EUR2 billion, has just become the
  biggest tour operator in Russia with the takeover of Intourist from Thomas 
  Cook Group. "Anex Tour is the ideal strategic investor for these travel 
  suppliers and fits ideally in terms of its portfolio," commented Julia 
  Kappel-Gnirs, the provisional insolvency administrator of Thomas Cook Germany.
- Thomas Cook management and employees are saying bye-bye to the industry with 
  an official picture and a nice letter by CEO Stefanie Berk and will finally 
  close the doors end of this month in Oberursel near Frankfurt. This means that
  around 1.000 employees will lose their jobs next week.
- Alltours targets 20% growth to two million customers: German tour operator 
  Alltours aims to profit from the Thomas Cook insolvency by expanding its hotel
  portfolio by 30% as it targets a high 20% rise to more than two million 
  customers next year reported FVW. This year the Düsseldorf-based group had 
  flat customer numbers of about 1.7 million amid tough trading conditions but 
  increased its pre-tax profit by 15%.Considering the major challenges in the 
  airline sector, we are very satisfied with the results that we have achieved,"
  declared owner Willi Verhuven, referring to flight capacity shortages 
  following the Germania insolvency earlier this year and the grounding of 
  B-737max planes. For 2020 Verhuven aims to increase customer numbers by over 
  20% to more than two million for the first time. He hopes that about three 
  quarters of these additional 340,000 customers would be former Cook customers 
  who will have to book their summer holiday with a different tour operator next
  year. To accommodate this high growth, Alltours has expanded its summer 2020 
  portfolio by 30% to more than 20,000 hotels. This includes 90% of the hotels 
  that Cook formerly marketed exclusively on the German market, with some of 
  them now offered exclusively through Alltours. More than 50% of the tour 
  operator's guests already stay in an exclusively offered hotel, with the 
  figure rising to more than 75% on Majorca. In terms of destination volumes, 
  Alltours expects to have more than one million customers in Spain next summer,
  including 100,000 more bookings for Majorca, where it is already the largest 
  German tour operator.
- Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof takes over 106 Thomas Cook travel: The department 
  store group Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof wants to take over 106 Thomas Cook travel
  agencies and the e-commerce platform "Golden Gate". The acquisition will 
  secure 500 jobs for Thomas Cook, according to the company. 

Aviation News

- Easyjet wants compensate the complete CO2 emissions: As the first major 
  airline, the low-cost carrier promises a climate-neutral operation. With just 
  under 30 million euros per year, forestry initiatives, renewable energies and 
  municipal climate protection projects are to be financed. CO2 net zero 
  emissions for all flights - the ambitious project was announced by airline 
  chief Johan Lundgren on Tuesday in London at the presentation of the balance 
  sheet. The carbon dioxide emissions caused by the fuel combustion of aircraft 
  are to be fully offset by investments in climate protection projects, promises
  the head of the airline. Although Lundgren acknowledges that the compensation 
  is a transitional solution until real climate neutrality, such as alternative 
  fuels, is achieved. But he is sure: "It works, if you do it with the right 
  projects." In addition, the airline is involved in a letter of intent on the 
  research and development of hybrid and electric aircraft by aircraft 
  manufacturer Airbus and cooperates with the US start-up Wright Electric in the
  development of an electric aircraft. 

Best regards and enjoy your weekend,

your GCE Team

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