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  • 29.03.2023 – 12:35

    Reaching net-zero: Eurelectric's three pillars for Europe's electricity market reform

    Brussels (ots/PRNewswire) - Today, the European Electricity trade association Eurelectric releases its landmark study on how to make the EU electricity market design fit for a net-zero future. The conclusion is clear: Europe's power market needs an evolution that builds on the existing structure which has been refined over more than two decades. The study proposes to ...

  • 07.12.2022 – 10:02

    Invest today in climate resilience to avoid blackouts and rising costs - says Eurelectric

    Brussels (ots/PRNewswire) - Heat waves, wildfires, floods, and cold spells score new records every year and have a particularly high impact on the electricity value chain. As the climate clock is ticking and Europe's energy independence demands faster electrification, the electricity sector needs stronger investments in adaptation measures. Over the past decade, ...