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01.02.2012 – 14:39

dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH

dpa launches "Insight EU" - a new analytical information service focusing on European topics

dpa launches "Insight EU" - a new analytical information service focusing on European topics
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Berlin (ots)

The German Press Agency dpa has expanded its range of services from February 1 with the launch of a new analytical information service which focuses on EU issues. "dpa Insight EU" provides decision makers and other experts in parliaments, political parties, companies, federations, institutions, and NGOs with a unique combination of news, analytic material and background research related to the policies and regulatory measures of the European Union.

"Important EU-topics are presented in an efficient and accessible manner in order to provide timely information on new developments and proposals tabled by the various EU bodies", explained dpa Executive Board Chairman Michael Segbers. "This new service reflects a growing demand from representatives in the world of politics and business who are keen to find out about EU policies at an early stage and to appraise the risks and opportunities which these present."

"dpa Insight EU" is a blend of spot-news, in-depth articles, dossiers on specific subjects, interviews and profiles of experts and decision makers. It includes timelines, schedule planning and customised infographics and offers centralised access to policy positions from the EU Commission, the EU Council of Ministers, Parliament and other stakeholders. The service provides a comprehensive channel of information on topics such as finance, energy, the internal market, digital agenda, research and transport.

"Other areas of focus are currently in the pipeline," said dpa head of Domestic Sales & Marketing Thorsten Matthies. "In recent years the EU has grown in importance for politics, business and for society as a whole. It used to be the case that most European regulatory legislature originated from national governments - such as the federal government in Germany - but nowadays developments are being increasingly steered by the Commission and the EU Parliament. With 'dpa Insight EU' we gather information on specific topics and show how these interact with other fields, for example how measures to promote renewable energy have an impact on agriculture. Identifying these factors at an early stage can often have a vital bearing on the success of companies or entire business sectors."

"dpa Insight EU" is produced by a new team of dedicated correspondents in Brussels. In charge of the project is Joachim Weidemann, founder and a previous managing director of the German EU portal He also served as head of publishing in Central and Eastern Europe for Handelsblatt Publishing Group, head of the Holtzbrinck School of Business Journalism, and has worked as Eastern European correspondent for various daily newspapers, including Handelsblatt and Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

In charge of editorial operations is Thomas Strünkelnberg, who previously worked as an editorial staff member on the dpa economics desk in Berlin. The team in Brussels is based in the International Press Centre opposite the EU Commission. The location gives it direct access to the Commission, Parliament and The European Council as well as to national politicians, companies and federations.

"The new service provides a link between hard news and modern knowledge management. We help users to improve their evaluation of EU decisions and to join the debate in good time. We also aim to develop the service in partnership with our users", said project leader Joachim Weidemann.

The subscription model is flexible and can be adapted to a range of scenarios. Along with a single licence unit there is scope for solutions to suit larger user groups up to and including a direct feedback channel to the Brussels-based team. The "dpa Insight EU" service can be accessed around the clock via its own online platform.

The German Press Agency dpa is an independent provider of multimedia content. As market leader in Germany it serves media customers operating on a daily basis both at home and abroad. A global network of editors and correspondents ensures that news is gathered free of outside influence and in accordance with the principles laid down in the dpa charter. These stipulate that news gathering shall be entirely independent of influence from political parties, world views, economic and financial groups or governments. The agency operates around-the-clock across the entire media spectrum. The quality service it provides is relied upon by the print media, broadcasters, online and mobile telephone companies in addition to corporate customers in more than 100 countries.


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