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11.12.2018 – 10:30

Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA

Johnson Controls - Car batteries: After the summer heat comes the deadly freeze

Hanover (ots)

When temperatures start to drop, it's time to take your car to the workshop and get it ready for the winter season. While changing tyres and testing lights are standard procedures, the battery is often overlooked - yet the continuous operation of windshield heaters, rear window defrosters, headlights and wipers puts it under a constant strain, resulting in unwelcome breakdowns. According to the RAC, the second most common cause of vehicle breakdown in the United Kingdom is a flat or dead battery.

Batteries age in summer and fail in winter

Winter breakdowns often follow an unusually long and hot summer, as we enjoyed this year. Heat dramatically shortens the life-span of a battery, so when winter comes, older batteries are close to their limit. "Many drivers think that cold weather does damage to the battery, but it's the heat that is the start of its downfall," says Dr. Christian Rosenkranz, Vice President Engineering at Johnson Controls Power Solutions.

The only way to avoid this is to have your battery checked or replaced by a professional. In modern cars, the battery isn't easily accessible under the bonnet. Special tools and expertise are needed to replace batteries in such cars, which can only be provided by an accredited workshop.

Rosenkranz advises: "Drivers should have their batteries checked by workshops at least once a year before winter. Nothing is more annoying than a battery that's still strong enough to turn on the lights, but too weak to spin the starter."

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