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New: bespoke packaging boxes available

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New: bespoke packaging boxes available
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Dear Editors,

We'd like to share the latest press release from the company ONLINEPRINTERS with you for editorial consideration. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can access a corresponding press photo for free use at the link below. Thank you!

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Christina Haeusser

Head of Brand Management & Corporate Communication

ONLINEPRINTERS press release, 27/11/2020

New: bespoke packaging boxes available

Custom packaging can now be ordered in small quantities at affordable prices.

London - Previously, the ONLINEPRINTERS shop carried standard sized packaging boxes only. Now the provider of online printing services has greatly expanded its range of packaging solutions. "Custom packaging products appeal to all kinds of customers: from the regional deli to large-scale manufacturers. Packaging is therefore an important strategic addition to our product portfolio," says Roland Keppler, the CEO of ONLINEPRINTERS.

Purchasing packaging can be challenging for marketing managers in companies and agencies, especially when the packaging is to be custom designed and needed in small quantities only. ONLINEPRINTERS enables its customers to order packaging boxes from as little as 100 units thanks to the so-called laser cutting process. Unlike conventional production technology, which is expensive and time-consuming, this process does not need a cutting die.

In a first step, 14 types of folding boxes were added to the product range, including popular models such as 1-2-3 bottom boxes, auto bottom boxes, reverse and straight tuck end boxes, cardboard sleeves, paper brief cases, gable boxes with 1-2-3 bottom, handle boxes with 1-2-3 bottom and decorative pillow boxes.

An online configurator helps customers design their bespoke packaging that exactly matches their product. It is also possible to order a sample. The average production time is eight days. ONLINEPRINTERS grants a 10 % introductory discount on the new packaging portfolio until 31/12/2020.

About the company

The ONLINEPRINTERS Group is one of the leading online print shops in Europe. Employing a staff of more than 1,660, Onlineprinters produced 3.2 billion+ printed advertising products last year. The company sells more than 5,000 printed products, including business cards, letterheads, flyers, catalogues, brochures, large-format advertising systems and more, to more than one million customers in 30 European countries. 22 web shops available in 10 different languages allow customers to order printed products on the internet quickly and easily 24/7. Besides UK market leader Solopress and LaserTryk, the number one in the Scandinavian market, Spanish printer Copysell is a member of the ONLINEPRINTERS Group.

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Christina Haeusser

Head of Brand Management & Corporate Communication

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