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08.10.2013 – 10:05

Onlineprinters GmbH

Onlineprinters receives "AGFA Valued Customer Award 2013"
Agfa Graphics honours online print shop as long-standing printing partner

Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany (ots)

Agfa Graphics gave this year's "Agfa Valued Customer Award 2013" to Onlineprinters GmbH to thank the online printing service provider for the long-term trusting business relationship and competence partnership. "We have been loyal partners of Agfa since 2005 and we are proud of this award", Walter Meyer, CEO of Onlineprinters GmbH, says appreciatively. "Onlineprinters has become one of the largest single clients of Agfa Graphics in Germany in the jobbing sector and we are impressed by the company's international growth course", Frederik Dehing, Vice President EMEA of Agfa Graphics, explains.

The German provider of online printing services has more than 250,000 customers in 30 European countries, offering its high-class portfolio of offset and digital printed products via 13 online shops in seven languages. An annual total run of 2.5 billion printed products is produced on 90 printing presses at the Franconian headquarters in Neustadt an der Aisch. This makes Onlineprinters GmbH with its German brand die and the international Onlineprinters label one of the largest online print shops in Europe. "Our strong growth is contrary to the general trend in the printing industry", Walter Meyer points out. In addition to the favourable prices of the printed products offered in the online shop , the company owes its success to the technologically sophisticated and efficient production and IT-based order processing system.

Competence partnership in prepress

"Maximum efficiency, high productivity and environmental protection measures in production yield cost savings in the entire printing process. Strong growth needs strong partners. With Agfa at our side, we have the right competence partner for this task", Walter Meyer thanks the team of Agfa Graphics. Integrated prepress solutions from Agfa are used for the optimum production technology in prepress: The prepress workflow handles up to 3,000 print orders each day forwarded from the online shop into production. The optimal process flow is ensured by the workflow solution Apogee Suite. The printing plates required for the roughly 90 offset printing presses are produced on the Agfa Avalon exposure units. The CTP exposure units ensure the energy-efficient and eco-friendly laser exposure of the printing plates. No more aggressive chemicals are used for developing the prints. The Amigo TS printing plate from Agfa Graphics fits in perfectly with the sophisticated production environment due to its outstanding ecological and stable properties in production. Onlineprinters exposes around 3,500 printing plates each day which all enter the aluminium recycling process after use. Onlineprinters GmbH has invested into a new Agfa exposure unit type Avalon N8-80 XT with a daily capacity of 1,344 printing plates, which will boost the total capacity to approximately 4,800 exposed printing plates per day.

"The environmentally compatible prepress processes contribute significantly to the high level of sustainability of our operations. Agfa products make a major contribution to this achievement", Meyer further. The company's greenhouse gas emissions were measured and calculated in 2012 via a CO2 footprint. When ordering products in the online shop, customers can thus choose the "carbon neutral printing" option.

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About Onlineprinters GmbH German Onlineprinters GmbH is one of Europe's largest online print shops. All standard printed products are produced in the PSO- certified production department in premium offset quality and in flexible digital printing technology and are distributed via online print shops. Detailed information on products and company is available in the online shop and mobile shop of

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