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12.04.2006 – 16:30

Daimler AG

Mercedes-Benz presents the new generation E-Class at the New York International Auto Show 2006

Mercedes-Benz presents the new generation E-Class at the New York International Auto Show 2006
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    New York (ots)

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    The world premiere of the new-generation E-Class will be the focal point of Mercedes-Benz' presentation at the New York International Auto Show 2006. After four years in production and around a million vehicles sold, the facelift of the world-beating executive saloon is cleaner, safer, more powerful and of better value than ever before. The new-generation E-Class once again sets the benchmark first and foremost through its outstanding safety features. The standard equipment includes the anticipatory PRE-SAFE(R) system whose "reflexes" respond before an impending collision by activating protective measures for the driver and front passenger. What's more, the safest car in its class takes agility and driving pleasure to new heights. This comes courtesy of the DIRECT CONTROL package, with more direct steering and a retuned suspension, and six new or enhanced engines which develop up to 26 per cent more output and 18 per cent more torque whilst maintaining the same excellent levels of fuel economy. Tying in with the E-Class premiere, the new-generation SL is also making its US debut at the New York show.

    "The new generations of the E- and SL-Class make it clear that Mercedes-Benz offers its customers attractive vehicles featuring state-of-the-art technology," explained Dr. Klaus Maier, Board of Management member with responsibility for Marketing and Sales, at the Mercedes-Benz Press Conference. "Both new models," Maier continued, "reinforce Mercedes-Benz' claim to building the best cars in the world. The most recent example of this is the new-generation E-Class, the cleanest, safest and most powerful E-Class of all time."

    For over 60 years the E-Class and its predecessors have been the "heart" of Mercedes-Benz, representing basic brand values like safety, comfort, innovation, economy and quality. Since 1946 Mercedes-Benz has delivered some ten million luxury saloons to customers. In June 2006 the E-Class will be unveiled with an even more dynamic concept, additional pioneering innovations and an upgraded standard specification. 29 model variants will be available - 16 Saloons and 13 Estates.

    As such, Mercedes-Benz will be offering the largest, most varied model range in this market segment. With outputs ranging from 100 kW/136 hp to 378 kW/514 hp, the new-generation E-Class outpaces the previous model range (90 kW/122 hp to 350 kW/476 hp) and its competitors in all displacement and output classes. A revamped front-end design reflects the power, poise and assurance of the new model range.

    E 320 BLUETEC - the world's cleanest diesel vehicle

    Since 2004, the E-Class in the guise of the E 320 CDI is the first diesel model in the premium-class segment in the United States. Starting in the fall of 2006 Mercedes-Benz will launch the first BLUETEC production vehicle. The trailblazing BLUETEC technology significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. The E 320 BLUETEC is the world's cleanest diesel vehicle, using 20 to 40 per cent less fuel than comparable petrol-engined vehicles. In Europe Mercedes-Benz plans to launch BLUETEC in a passenger car model by 2008.

    New SL generation: US debut at historic site

    52 years after the first SL (W198) was unveiled in New York, its latest successor is now making its US debut in the same city. Just as with the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz has once again significantly enhanced the new model range of the iconic sports car in every respect, thanks amongst other things to a completely new range of engines.

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