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03.04.2012 – 10:03

Atradius N.V.

Atradius Collections Increases Customer Satisfaction for Third Year in a Row

Amsterdam (ots/PRNewswire)


Atradius Collections released the results of its recent customer satisfaction survey revealing outscoring the results of the previous three years. The survey is conducted annually and investigates customer views on Atradius Collections' performance in national and international debt collections.

The overall survey satisfaction score of 7.4 ranked significantly higher than last year's satisfaction level of 7.0 which is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest score. Out of the surveyed customers, insured customers reported the highest level of satisfaction, scoring 7.6 compared to uninsured customers at 7.3. "Customer satisfaction has been on the rise for three straight years as we have been continuously investing in this area," says Raymond van der Loos, Managing Director of Atradius Collections. "In fact, increasing satisfaction of our customers and improving service delivery are at the core of our strategy."

The highest level of satisfaction could be found from customers residing in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the UK. Overall, 79% of the survey's respondents displayed their strong level of satisfaction by agreeing with the statement that they were likely to place debt again with Atradius Collections, as well as 69% stating they would recommend Atradius Collections to their business partners.

Questioned about the main drivers for their satisfaction, one of the most selected answers for high satisfaction was related to the level of proactive and correct information customers received. The majority of customers noted that having frequent contact with the customer service teams and receiving updates on the progress of their cases were additional key reasons to make Atradius Collections their debt collections agency of choice. Atradius Collections being proactive was identified as a main contributor to the success of a debt collections case.

It is not a surprise that a key determining factor of satisfaction in this business is the rate of successfully collected debt - both domestically and internationally for uninsured and insured customers alike. "We look back on a successful partnership during which we were able to reduce our outstanding debt and improve our cash flow,'' says Andre Hagen, Head of Corporate and Finance Treasury at Kuka AG and customer of Atradius Collections since 2011. Another factor highlighted by Andre Hagen is an easy and convenient process which he sees delivered through Atradius Collections' online debt collections platform, called Collect@Net 3.0. Many respondents agree with his statement as this online tool is one of the most frequently named and highly appreciated features that draws customers to Atradius Collections.

For this survey customers from 17 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia were answered a set of questions about the service they received from Atradius Collections and how they rated it. In order to participate, customers needed to be registered at Atradius Collections with their email and have to have placed a case in the past two years. The objective was to capture the voice of the customer and determine what factors were rated best and where there was room for improvement.

About Atradius Collections:

Atradius Collections, a business unit of Atradius Group, provides efficient, quick and flexible solutions to collect domestic and international trade debts. With a global network of collections specialists, lawyers and insolvency practitioners worldwide, Atradius Collections serves over 15,000 customers handling on average 120,000 cases a year. Over 85 years of worldwide credit management industry experience uniquely position Atradius Collections as a global leader in business-to-business debt collections.


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