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23.03.2007 – 08:03

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comScore Reports Traffic to Leading French Sites in February

    London (ots/PRNewswire)

    - Announces New 'Visits' Metric for Measuring User Engagement

    comScore, a leader in measuring the digital age, today revealed the top French Internet properties and the top gaining properties during February, based on data collected through its comScore World Metrix audience ratings service. The Company also introduced a new suite of metrics based on site "visits." A "visit" is a frequency measure and indicator of user engagement, defined as an individual's set of interactions with a specific Web site. In counting visits, if an individual does not interact with the site for at least a 30-minute period, that visit will be defined as having been concluded and a new visit will be counted when the individual next accesses the site. Included among the new suite of metrics are total visits, average minutes per visit, average visits per visitor, and average visits per usage day.

    "With the increased usage of technologies like AJAX, the value of page views as an engagement metric is declining," said Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe. "In an attempt to keep pace with technology and provide our clients with the most relevant Web usage statistics, we are introducing a new suite of metrics based on visits."

    "Visits" an Effective Gauge of Frequency

    While each of the "visits" metrics offers a different measure of frequency, the "average visits per visitor" is the most illustrative of return visits per individual during the course of a month. Used in concert with the "unique visitors" metric, this measure can help give a more comprehensive view of a site's performance.

    In February, the top three sites in France by unique visitors (Google Sites, Microsoft Sites and France Telecom, respectively) happened to also be the top three sites based on average visits per visitor. Despite the congruence of the top three rankings, there were also some surprising differences between the two metrics:

      -- Groupe Amaury, the 69th most-visited property in February that
          includes, was the sixth-most engaging property (as measured
          by average visits per visitor);
      -- T-Online, the 42nd most-visited property that includes Club-
, was the seventh most-engaging property;
      -- Neuf Telecom, the 61st most-visited property, was the eighth most-
          engaging property.
      TABLE 1
      Top 10 Properties by Unique Visitors (000)(i)
      French Unique Visitors, Age 15+
      February 2007
      Total France - Home and Work Locations(ii)
      Source: comScore World Metrix
      Rank                 Property                                                  Visitors
                        Total Internet Users                                         24,464
      1                        Google Sites                                              17,006
      2                        Microsoft Sites                                         15,843
      3                        France Telecom                                          13,438
      4                        Iliad/ Sites                                  11,980
      5                        eBay                                                          10,728
      6                        Groupe Pages Jaunes                                  10,539
      7                        Yahoo! Sites                                              10,503
      8                        Wikipedia Sites                                          7,941
      9                        Groupe PPR                                                  7,835
      10                      Skyrock Network                                          7,828
      (i)  Ranking based on the top 100 French properties in February 2007.
      (ii) Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or
              access from mobile phones or PDAs.
      TABLE 2
      Top 10 Properties by Average Visits per Visitor(i)
      French Unique Visitors, Age 15+
      February 2007
      Total France - Home and Work Locations(ii)
      Source: comScore World Metrix
      Rank                  Property                                                 Average
                        Total Internet Visits                                        63.3
      1                        Google Sites                                              41.6
      2                        Microsoft Sites                                         33.9
      3                        France Telecom                                          23.2
      4                        Skyrock Network                                         19.9
      5                        Yahoo! Sites                                              13.8
      6                        Groupe Amaury                                            13.0
      7                        T-Online Sites                                          12.6
      8                        Neuf Telecom                                              11.7
      9                        eBay                                                          10.4
      10                      Iliad/ Sites                                  10.3
      (i)  Ranking based on the top 100 French properties in February 2007.
      (ii) Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or
              access from mobile phones or PDAs.

    Other notable findings in the February data (as illustrated in Tables 3 and 4) include:

      -- Google Sites, Microsoft Sites and France Telecom retained their
          rankings as the top three properties among French Internet users, with
          17, 15.8 and 13.4 million French visitors, respectively.
      -- Helped by Valentine's Day, French dating site MeetIC was the biggest
          gainer in February's ranking, up 42 percent to 3.9 million French
          visitors; greeting card purveyor American Greetings Property was the
          third-biggest gainer, up 20 percent to 1.9 million visitors.
      -- Two gaming sites appeared on the list of top 10 gainers, including
          French lottery site Francaise des Jeux, the fourth-biggest gainer with
          1.8 million French visitors (a 19-percent increase), and
, the ninth-biggest gainer with 1.5 million French
          visitors (a 6-percent increase).
      TABLE 3
      Top 10 Online Properties by Unique Visitor (000)
      French Unique Visitors, Age 15+(i)
      January vs. February 2007
      Total France - Home and Work Locations(i)
      Source: comScore World Metrix
                                                                Jan.-07         Feb. -07         Percentage
                                                                 (000)              (000)                 Change
      Total FR Internet Audience,
        Age 15+                                            24,560              24,464                0%
         Google Sites                                  17,090              17,006                0%
         Microsoft Sites                              15,966              15,843              -1%
         France Telecom                                13,746              13,438              -2%
         Iliad/ Sites                        12,764              11,980              -6%
         eBay                                                11,038              10,728              -3%
         Groupe Pages Jaunes                        10,993              10,539              -4%
         Yahoo! Sites                                  11,143              10,503              -6%
         Wikipedia Sites                                8,062                7,941              -1%
         Groupe PPR                                        8,714                7,835            -10%
         Skyrock Network                                7,835                7,828                0%
      (i) Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or
            access from mobile phones or PDAs.
      TABLE 4
      Top 10 Gaining Properties Ranked by Percentage Change (i)
      French Unique Visitors, Age 15+ (i)
      January vs. February, 2007
      Total France - Home and Work Locations(ii)
      Source: comScore World Metrix
                                                                 Jan.-07         Feb.-07         Percentage
                                                                  (000)            (000)                 Change
      Total FR Internet Audience,
        Age 15+                                              24,259          24,409                    1%
         MeetIC                                                2,728            3,883                  42%
         The Mozilla Organization                  2,155            2,925                  36%
         American Greetings Property              1,547            1,861                  20%
         Francaise des Jeux                            1,559            1,849                  19%
         RADIOBLOGCLUB.COM                              1,478            1,664                  13%
         CITYVOX.FR                                         1,363            1,534                  13%
         SUR-LA-TOILE.COM                                1,503            1,667                  14%
         Michelin Group                                  3,818            4,070                  13%
         KADODUJOUR.COM                                  1,458            1,541                    6%
         DAILYMOTION.COM                                 5,016            5,280                    5%
      (i)  Ranking based on the top 100 French properties in February 2007.
      (ii) Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or
              access from mobile phones or PDAs.

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    comScore World Metrix is the first service to continuously measure and report online behaviour on a world-wide basis, providing visitation metrics and demographic characteristics for Web site audiences around the world. With active representation of countries that comprise the vast majority of the global Internet population, World Metrix provides its clients with worldwide Internet population estimates and harmonized online performance metrics based on a consistent methodology across all countries. More than 100 clients subscribe to comScore's World Metrix service, including 8 of the top 10 interactive advertising agencies.

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