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29.01.2007 – 09:06

comScore Networks

comScore Reveals U.K. Top Sites and Web Site Visitation Trends for December

    London (ots/PRNewswire)

    comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, today revealed the top U.K. Internet properties for December based on data collected through its comScore World Metrix audience ratings service. Switching places once again with Microsoft Sites, Google Sites narrowly assumed the Number One position in December with 25.8 million visitors (just 30,000 more than Microsoft).

      Top 20 Online Properties by U.K. Unique Visitors, Age 15+
      December 2006
      Total U.K. - Home and Work Locations(i)
      Source: comScore World Metrix
                                                         Nov.-06              Dec.-06          Percentage
                                                          (000)                 (000)                Change
      Total U.K. Internet Audience,
        Age 15+                                        29,498                29,788                  1%
      Google Sites                                 24,911                25,751                  3%
      Microsoft Sites                            24,976                25,721                  3%
      eBay                                              20,686                20,921                  1%
      Yahoo! Sites                                 19,862                20,171                  2%
      BBC Sites                                      16,386                16,665                  2%
      Amazon Sites                                 13,648                14,481                  6%
      Time Warner Network                      12,977                13,878                  7%
      Ask Network                                  11,790                12,116                  3%
      Fox Interactive Media                  10,005                10,434                  4%
      Home Retail Group (formerly GUS)  8,652                 9,883                 14%
      British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB)  7,759                 9,459                 22%
      Apple Computer, Inc.                      7,984                 9,370                 17%
      Wikipedia Sites                              9,297                 9,007                 -3%
      CNET Networks                                 7,298                 7,978                  9%
      Tesco Stores                                  7,459                 7,327                 -2%
      Dixons Stores Group                        5,393                 7,250                 34%
      DMGT                                                7,420                 6,850                 -8%
      France Telecom                                7,149                 6,699                 -6%
      Virgin Group                                  5,807                 6,336                  9%
      NTL                                                 6,376                 6,260                 -2%
      (i) Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or
            access from mobile phones or PDAs.

    "Google and Microsoft continue to be locked in a battle for top of the table - in a virtual tie over the past three months," said Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe. "Online retailers benefited from increased browsing and buying as consumers went online to do more of their holiday shopping than ever before. Online retailers like Dixons and Home Retail Group (Argus) posted the strongest gains among top U.K. sites."

    Holiday Season Continued to Draw Online Shoppers to Retail Sites

    Once again, retail sites dominated the list of top 20 gaining sites in the U.K., representing more than half of the list in December. In fact, the top 3 gainers were shopping sites, led by Dell with 3.9 million visitors (a 52-percent gain due largely to traffic to, part of the Dell property), with 2.2 million visitors (a 35-percent increase), and Dixons Stores Group with 7.3 million visitors (a 34-percent increase), reappearing on the list of top gainers for the second month in a row and ranking Number 16 in the most-visited site list.

    Shopping sites that appeared on the list for three straight months include HMV with 4 million visitors (a 23-percent increase), Sites with 5.6 million visitors (a 20-percent increase), and Wal-Mart with 3.3 million visitors (a 14-percent increase), attributable mostly to ASDA traffic.

    Appearing for the second consecutive month on the list of top gainers, Home Retail Group (formerly GUS) was the 10th most visited site overall, gaining 14 percent to 9.9 million visitors. Apple Computer, Inc. was the 12th most visited site overall, gaining 17 percent to 9.4 million visitors.

    Royal Mail Group, the Web property used to ship many of the Christmas gifts bought online, was up 16 percent to 3.7 million visitors.

      Top 20 Gaining Properties by Percentage Change in U.K. Unique Visitors(i)
      December vs. November 2006
      Total U.K. Visitors, Age 15+ - Home and Work Locations(ii)
      Source: comScore World Metrix
                                                          Nov.-06            Dec.-06          Percentage
                                                            (000)                 (000)              Change
      Total U.K. Internet Audience,
        Age 15+                                        29,498                29,788                  1%
      Dell                                                2,560                 3,884                 52%
      GAME.CO.UK                                      1,610                 2,178                 35%
      Dixons Stores Group                        5,393                 7,250                 34%
      Bolt Media                                      3,570                 4,746                 33%
      AmericanGreetings Property            2,169                 2,815                 30%
      HMV                                                 3,262                 4,017                 23%
      UGO                                                 2,293                 2,806                 22%
      British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB)  7,759                 9,459                 22% Sites                                4,627                 5,575                 20%
      Kingfisher                                      4,315                 5,195                 20%
      Sony Online                                    3,279                 3,937                 20%
      LIMEWIRE.COM                                  2,254                 2,654                 18%
      Apple Computer, Inc.                      7,984                 9,370                 17%
      Royal Mail Group                            3,156                 3,652                 16%
      NEXT Group                                      3,528                 4,044                 15%
      Home Retail Group (formerly GUS)  8,652                 9,883                 14%
      Wal-Mart                                         2,870                 3,263                 14%
      BEBO.COM                                         5,169                 5,847                 13%
      PICZO.COM                                        4,020                 4,535                 13%
      Nokia                                              4,761                 5,334                 12%
      (i)  Ranking based on the top 100 U.K. properties in December 2006.
      (ii) Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or
              access from mobile phones or PDAs.

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