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01.12.2009 – 08:07

Astellas Pharma Europe Limited

Men, Partners and Patients in Europe United Against Prostate Cancer

Barcelona, Spain (ots/PRNewswire)

- New Survey Highlights Need for Education Resources, Critical Role of Physician in Patient Communication and Importance of Maintaining Normal Lifestyle During Treatment

Findings from a survey of European prostate cancer patients, presented at the 2nd European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers (EMUC) in Barcelona, Spain, highlight the need for further sources of information about the disease.

It found that only 44 per cent of patients felt the information given to them on the likely outcome of their disease at the time of diagnosis was very informative. The critically important role of the physician in providing information about prostate cancer was strongly recognised with over three quarters of those surveyed identifying their specialist as the most important source.

Experts consider the provision of information post-consultation to be vitally important in enabling those affected to understand their situation and work with their physician to combat their disease, even though 40 per cent of respondents indicated they preferred to let their physician decide what is best in terms of treatment. Nearly 60 per cent of respondents stated they prefer to discuss options with their physician and decide together on the best way forward.

The survey discovered that many patients had not discussed key issues with their physician. For example, maintenance of a normal lifestyle during treatment of prostate cancer was considered as important by patients (40 per cent) as concerns about side effects (42 per cent), but many had not talked about lifestyle with their specialist.

To help aid understanding and communication, people across Europe affected by the disease can for the first time access a new online resource,, designed to particularly inform men affected by prostate cancer, through novel and comprehensive educational resources and links to patient organisations across Europe. The survey and website have been commissioned as an educational initiative by Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd.

Professor Bertrand Tombal, Chairman of Urology Services at Universitaires Saint-Luc, Belgium, who reviewed the information available on the website said: "The survey shows us the pivotal role of the specialist physician in educating and informing patients about prostate cancer following diagnosis. The key question is what happens after the consultation. A diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan is a lot of information to take in and consider, so resources are required to help refresh the memory and continue to promote and enhance understanding away from the consultation room."

He added, " is a highly welcome and valuable resource which helps to fill information gaps not only for patients but men, their families and anyone touched by prostate cancer. It recognises that it is not just patients who are affected, and that the need for ongoing learning and education about the disease among all those touched by it is high." aims to help demystify prostate cancer by offering a range of straightforward visual representations of the condition and its impact on the body. It also provides up to date information on treatment options and contact information to organisations across Europe who are united in supporting patients.

Notes to Editors:


    - is not designed to provide
      medical advice or professional health services. Information provided is
      not a substitute for medical care and should not be used for diagnosing
      or treating prostate cancer. Anyone who has, or suspects they may have,
      a health problem should contact their doctor. 

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About the EU Patient Survey

    - The EU Patient survey of European prostate cancer patients was
      conducted by GfK HealthCare, an independent survey house, in June 2009
      and funded by Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd.
    - A total of 252 diagnosed prostate cancer patients were interviewed in
      France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain.
    - In addition to information about patients' views on the
      management of prostate cancer, insights were gained on the different
      types of therapy currently offered. For example, the survey found that
      nearly 50 per cent of those surveyed had undergone a surgical procedure
      during prostate cancer management, with 39 per cent stating they had
      undertaken hormone therapy and 37 per cent had taken a course of


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