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02.03.2017 – 13:31


Accuray Launches New Cancer Patient Websites

Sunnyvale, California (ots/PRNewswire)

The Internet is one of the first places patients turn to for healthcare information after receiving a cancer diagnosis, according to the American Cancer Society. Accuray Incorporated (NASDAQ: ARAY) is launching and to provide an additional resource for cancer patients to turn to for information about their disease and potential treatment options. Enhanced functionality and ease-of-use puts the information patients need at their fingertips.


"Patients have told us they want concise information on potential treatment options that is easy to understand, and they want to hear from others who can share their real-world experiences," said Susan Hopkins, Chief Marketing Officer at Accuray. "We're committed to providing cancer patients with educational tools and resources which will enable them, in conversation with their physicians, to make the treatment decisions that are right for them. We are launching these new patient websites along with a major update to our website as well."

The CyberKnife®, TomoTherapy® and Radixact(TM) Systems enable physicians to deliver precise, non-invasive radiation treatment options while minimizing side effects, helping to improve quality of life. The product websites feature a variety of resources, including:

- Overview of radiation therapy
- Step-by-step guide through the CyberKnife, TomoTherapy and Radixact
  System treatment processes
- Location finder providing patients and caregivers with a quick way 
  to find the closest treatment center
- Patient narratives offering real-life, first-hand stories of 
  experiences being treated with the CyberKnife System and the 
  TomoTherapy System, including photos and videos
- Robust Resources sections with five key functions: Find a Doctor, 
  For Family & Friends, About Insurance, Glossary, and Frequently 
  Asked Questions 

"Following successful treatment with the CyberKnife System for a tumor on my spine, I gained a new perspective on life. I want to help other people who, like me, are given a frightening diagnosis. In addition to volunteering, I decided to share my story on," said Maria H. "The new website has the information I would want as a patient considering treatment, and is really easy to navigate. I feel good about sending people to the site and hope my story inspires others who find themselves in a similar situation."

By 2030, the global cancer incidence rate is projected to reach 25 million[i]. Radiotherapy (RT) is a fundamental component of oncology care[ii] and an estimated 50% of cancer patients would benefit from radiotherapy for treatment of localized disease, local control, and palliation.[iii]

"When my doctor diagnosed me with multiple myeloma I remember saying to myself, 'I refuse to die. I want to learn as much as I can about my condition.' Coming to grips with cancer is difficult but can be easier when advanced treatment options are identified. The Internet is an important resource for information that can help patients make a decision," said Carol R. "I recommend visiting the new website. It's filled with information a potential patient might need to help them, in discussion with their doctor, to decide if it's the right treatment for them. The patient stories, mine included, provide a real-world perspective on what to expect from a TomoTherapy® treatment."

The Radixact(TM) Treatment Delivery System is the next generation TomoTherapy platform, designed to enable doctors to more efficiently and effectively deliver precise radiation treatments to more patients. The system offers doctors the opportunity to improve the cancer treatment experience throughout a patient's treatment journey, including when retreatment is necessary.

About the CyberKnife®, TomoTherapy and Radixact(TM) Systems

The Accuray CyberKnife M6(TM) Series, TomoTherapy H(TM) Series and Radixact treatment solutions cover the entire spectrum of radiation therapy needs. The CyberKnife M6 Series enables precise, high-quality, dose distributions to be confidently delivered to the patient with extreme accuracy over a minimum number of treatments, reducing side effects and preserving patients' quality of life. The CyberKnife System is the only robotic full-body radiosurgery system available today. The TomoTherapy H Series efficiently enables physicians to customize treatment plans for the entire range of radiation therapy patients and disease types. Its innovative design enables treatment plans to be delivered with integrated, daily CT image guidance, enhancing accuracy and delivering highly precise, intensity-modulated radiation for optimal sparing of healthy tissue and critical structures. The Radixact System empowers clinicians by integrating treatment planning, data management and treatment delivery. Using low-dose fan beam megavoltage x-ray radiation, refined beamline and fast imaging technology, the system delivers scalable and highly reliable treatment for patients with a variety of treatment requirements.

Further information on Accuray and the CyberKnife, TomoTherapy and Radixact Systems is available at

Important Safety Information

For Important Safety Information please refer to Accuray website.

About Accuray

Accuray Incorporated (Nasdaq: ARAY) is a radiation oncology company that develops, manufactures and sells precise, innovative treatment solutions that set the standard of care with the aim of helping patients live longer, better lives. The company's leading-edge technologies deliver the full range of radiation therapy and radiosurgery treatments. For more information, please visit

Safe Harbor Statement

Statements made in this press release that are not statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements and are subject to the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements in this press release relate, but are not limited, to clinical applications, clinical results, patient outcomes and Accuray's leadership position in radiation oncology innovation and technologies. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations, including but not limited to the risks detailed from time to time under the heading "Risk Factors" in the company's report on Form 10-K, filed on August 24, 2016, the company's reports on Form 10-Q, filed on November 1, 2016 and February 3, 2017, and as updated periodically with the company's other filings with the SEC.

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[i.] Ferlay J, Soerjomataram I, Dikshit R, et al. Cancer incidence and mortality worldwide: sources, methods and major patterns in GLOBOCAN 2012. Int J Cancer 2015; 136: E359-86.

[ii.] Gunderston LLT, Joel E. Clinical Radiation Oncology, 3rd edn. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier, 2011.

[iii.] Barton MB, Jacob S, Shafiq J, et al. Estimating the demand for radiotherapy from the evidence: a review of changes from 2003 to 2012. Radiother Oncol 2014; 112: 140-44.

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