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Einhell presents Europe's first cordless lawn edge trimmer

Einhell presents Europe's first cordless lawn edge trimmer
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As well as a well-groomed lawn, a beautiful garden also needs neat and tidy borders and lawn edges. Einhell Germany AG has the perfect tools for this. The new Power X-Change GE-LE 18/190 Li Cordless Lawn Edge Trimmer is a reliable helper for achieving even edges and borders between grass paving stones & boundary stones. With the Power X-Change Grass and Shrub Shears (with or without telescopic extension) the grass can then be cut along the lawn edges. Bushes and shrubs can also be dealt with using the shears to keep your garden looking perfect at all times.

Precise borders for your garden

Landau an der Isar, March 18, 2021 – Almost every garden has areas that are very difficult for a lawn mower to reach. For this reason, we recommend regularly trimming the borders between the lawn and other areas, such as for example a vegetable patch, with a lawn edge trimmer. This will prevent roots or grasses spreading beyond the lawn edge. To make this task as easy and effort-saving as possible for the garden owner, Einhell has developed the GE-LE 18/190 Li Cordless Lawn Edge Trimmer. As a cordless, battery-powered version, this garden helper is the first of its type in Europe.

With the aid of an 18 V Power X-Change battery pack and thanks to the 3-stage depth adjustment, it can be immersed in different levels between 36.5 and 45 mm into the soil. The blade cuts on both sides and delivers precise edge cuts, while the rollers permit accurate work progress. Thanks to the adjustable additional handle, the unit can be safely guided. During operation, a protective cap for the blade protects the user against parts flying around. For ease of transport and space-saving storage, the shaft can be quickly disassembled without the need for tools.

The combination tool for lawns, shrubs, and bushes

Just as helpful for a perfect appearance with a clean lawn edge are the new 18 V Power X-Change GE-CG 18/100 Li Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears – optionally with or without a telescopic extension for particularly ergonomic use.

Cordless and lightweight, these shears can be used anywhere in the garden. With their aid, lawn edges and even individual sticking-up blades of grass can be precisely trimmed with a max. cutting width of 100 mm. As well as this, you can also use the laser-cut and diamond-ground shrub shears, which feature blades with a cutting width of 200 mm, to keep hedges and bushes in accurate shape. The attachments can be changed quickly with no need for tools. Here, the covered gear case protects against accidental contact with the gear oil. The softgrip on the handle provides a perfect grip for safe and comfortable handling.

For more information about the GE-LE 18/190 Li Cordless Lawn Edge Trimmer please visit:

RRP in Germany: € 129.95

For more information about the GE-CG 18/100 Li Cordless Grass and Shrub Shear please visit:

RRP in Germany: € 72.95

For more information about the GE-CG 18/100 Li T Cordless Grass and Shrub Shear please visit:

RRP in Germany: € 89.95

About Einhell Germany AG

Einhell is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools and equipment for the house and garden. From its headquarters in Landau/Isar (Bavaria), the internationally successful company has continuously expanded its innovative rechargeable battery platform Power X-Change and is now the market leader in the area of cordless tools and garden equipment. For many years Einhell has set new standards in terms of endurance, performance, and safety. Einhell customers appreciate the freedom of cordless operation for all their DIY projects, as well as the excellent value for money that Einhell products represent and the first-class customer service offered by the company.

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