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Einhell expands its portfolio of heating products with the first Power X-Change cordless hot air generator

Einhell expands its portfolio of heating products with the first Power X-Change cordless hot air generator
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Tool and gardening equipment manufacturer Einhell is expanding its Power X-Change platform for cordless tools and adding its first cordless gas heater. The gas heater is a fast and effective way to heat up well-ventilated construction sites, workshops, storage rooms or covered outdoor areas. Cable-free operation means flexibility for users, who now no longer need to be near to a mains outlet.

Cozy warmth for cool days

Landau an der Isar, 12.12.2019 - Particularly during the winter months, hot air generators are a quick and easy way to heat up well-ventilated installation rooms with a minimum floor space of 370 m3. Alongside the more typical applications, the unit is also suitable for drying new buildings or for drying out buildings after water damage due to pipe breakages or flooding. Einhell has now expanded its range with the GE-HG 18/370 Niro Li Cordless Hot Air Generator, which is also part of the Power X-Change cordless family. The platform already includes over 100 tools and pieces of equipment for the garden, all of which can be operated with the same type of rechargeable battery unit.

The heater can be connected to standard 5 kg or 11 kg gas cylinders. Once the gas supply has been connected up via the gas valve button, the device can be switched on quickly and easily via the piezo ignition unit. In the process, the pressure regulator adjusts the cylinder pressure to the operating pressure of 1.5 bar. The blower of the hot air generator is powered by the Power X-Change rechargeable battery. The unit sucks in cold air and blows out pleasant warmth via the heating element.

Safe and reliable heating

The heater jacket made of galvanized steel plate and the non-rusting stainless steel housing protect the robust hot air generator against overheating. A piezoelectric flame trap and a flashback arrestor are provided to ensure that the unit complies with all applicable safety standards. The unit is supplied with a hose for connection of the gas cylinder and a pressure regulator.

In addition to gas heaters, the range of heating products from Einhell also includes electric and diesel-powered heaters so that all customer requirements can be met in the best possible way.

About Einhell

Einhell is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge tools for the home and garden. By constantly expanding our innovative Power X-Change range of cordless tools, we are now the market leader in the area of battery-powered tools and gardening equipment. We set new standards in terms of endurance, performance and safety and always impress our customers with excellent value for money, first-class customer service and freedom from cables for all DIY projects.

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