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13.02.2006 – 07:00

Fraport AG

Fraport Traffic Figures - January 2006: Passenger Traffic Remains Constant - Cargo Continues to Boom

    Frankfurt/Main, Germany (ots)

    Frankfurt Airport (FRA) / FSE:FRA served about 3.7 million passengers in the reporting month.  In the typically lean travel month of January, this represents only about 20,000 or 0.5 percent fewer passengers than in the same month last year - when yet another record level was reached.  A large number of weather-related flight cancellations caused this moderate decline, the first in passenger figures since September 2003.  Furthermore, labor strikes in other European countries precipitated flight cancellations, which also slowed down passenger growth at FRA.

    Domestic traffic was particularly affected, dropping by 4.8 percent. European traffic also slipped slightly by 0.5 percent. Tourist traffic, in particular, fell short of expectations. Intercontinental traffic grew slightly by 0.4 percent.  Climbing by 5.7 percent, Asia was the only traffic region outside of Europe to show notable growth in January.

    In contrast, FRA's airfreight activity continued the pattern of unabated growth recorded in recent months. Some 145,395 metric tons of cargo handled in the first month of 2006 represented an increase of 7.1 percent and exceeded the previous January record by 9,688 metric tons. Growth was almost exclusively due to a double-digit increase in cargo tonnage carried on Middle East and Far East routes. At the beginning of the year, Asian markets claimed a dominant share of nearly 55 percent of FRA's total cargo tonnage.  As expected, airmail tonnage again dropped by 12.6 percent to 8,071 metric tons due to the phased closing of FRA's overnight domestic airmail hub in 2005.  

    Aircraft movements at FRA also declined slightly in the reporting month due to weather-related and other flight cancellations. The number of take-offs and landings slipped by only 0.9 percent to 37,752 movements compared to the same month last year.  Figures for maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) began to reflect the successive relocation of U.S. military flights from FRA to other U.S. air bases in Germany. In January 2006, MTOWs dropped by 1.6 percent to 2,151,294 metric tons.

    Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) and Hanover (HAJ) airports, two of the Fraport Group' s airports in Germany, recorded solid traffic increases in January 2006.  Frankfurt-Hahn welcomed 211,350 passengers in January, an increase of 10.7 percent.  Hanover served 315,772 passengers during the first four weeks of the year, an increase of 4.1 percent. In contrast, January passenger figures at Saarbrücken Airport (SCN) dropped by five percent to 18,184.

  Traffic at Lima Airport (LIM) in Peru rose by 5.2 percent to 471,175 passengers, while traffic at Antalya Airport (AYT) in Turkey continued to be depressed due to the opening of a competing passenger terminal. Thus, AYT registered only 44,277 passengers, an 86 percent drop  compared to the same period in 2005.  Plans call for a redistribution of passenger streams at Antalya Airport by the 2006 summer season, which will ensure better utilization of Fraport's AYT terminal again.  

    Fraport Group - Traffic Figures for January 2006

    Airports              Passengers(1)        Change              Airfreight
                                absolute                 in %                in metric tons
                                                      (incl. Airmail)

    Frankfurt (FRA)  3,704,706                -0.5                151,385
    Antalya2 (AYT)         44,277              -86.1                n.a.
    Hahn(3) (HHN)        211,350                 10.7                18,494
    Hanover (HAJ)        315,772                  4.1                 1,264
    Lima (LIM)            471,175                  5.2                13,322
    Saarbrücken (SCN)  18,184                 -5.0                        1
    Fraport Group    4,765,464                 -4.8              184,465

      Airports              Change          Aircraft                  Change
                                 in %              Movements                  in %

    Frankfurt (FRA)         6.0                37,752                    -0.9
    Antalya(2)                 n.a.                  417                  -81.1
    Hahn(3) (HHN)            26.9                 2,772                  25.4
    Hanover (HAJ)          -14.1                 4,762                    3.5
    Lima (LIM)                 -0.6                 6,128                  13.0
    Saarbrücken (SCN)    -95.6                 1,058                  17.9
    Fraport Group              7.1                52,889                  -1.0

    (1) Passengers (commercial traffic: arrivals + departures +  
    (2) International passengers and movements only
    (3) Frankfurt-Hahn: includes cargo transported by truck

    Frankfurt Airport - Traffic Figures for January 2006

                                 January          Change (2)
                                 2006                Jan. 06/Jan. 05
    Passengers(1)      3,706,612         -0.5 %

    in metric tons        145,395          7.1 %

    in metric
    tons                          8,071        -12.6 %

    Movements(3)            37,752         -0.9 %

    in metric
    tons                    2,151,294         -1.6 %

    share of
    and departures
    in percent                 73.1

    (1) Total traffic (including General Aviation)     (2) Change over previous year     (3) Excluding military flights

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