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13.05.2004 – 07:00

Fraport AG

Fraport Traffic Figures - April 2004: April's Results Strengthen First Quarter Growth Trend: FRA Achieves Double-digit Growth in Passenger and Cargo Volumes

    Frankfurt (ots)

       Fraport Group's Airports Experience Noticeable  Growth - Travel     Boom Continues

    FRA/rap> Frankfurt Airport (FSE:FRA) registered double-digit growth in passenger and airfreight traffic during April 2004, reports Fraport AG - the owner and manager of FRA. While the number of passengers was just slightly below the record April of 2001, Fraport recorded the best April for cargo in Frankfurt Airport's history.

    Frankfurt Airport served more than 4.1 million passengers in April 2004, an 11.8 percent increase compared to the same month in 2003. FRA registered double-digit growth rates on intercontinental routes to North America and the Far East - in particular, China and Hong Kong - as well as to holiday destinations in  Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.  In the long-haul travel market, the Caribbean and Sri Lanka experienced extraordinarily high growth rates.  Inexpensive travel destinations in Eastern Europe also enjoyed growing popularity, especially destinations in Rumania and Bulgaria.

    Increasing by 13.1 percent in comparison to April 2003, airfreight at FRA also registered above average growth.  With 137,728 metric tons in the reporting month, Frankfurt achieved a new monthly handling record; furthermore, FRA reached a new historical daily record on April 4, when  7,057 metric tons were handled. Double-digit growth was registered on routes to and from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.  In addition, cargo volumes to North America and the Far East experienced noticeable growth.  Airmail tonnage continued to decline, following  renewed service reductions in the domestic overnight hub-and-spoke airmail network at FRA at the end of March. With 8,957 metric tons in the reporting month, FRA saw airmail tonnage decline by 7.6 percent compared to April 2003.  

    Frankfurt Airport registered a noticeable increase in aircraft movements in April 2004, with the number of  takeoffs and landings growing to 38,630 - a 3.3-percent increase over the corresponding month last year.  Maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) rose by 5.6 percent to about 2.2 million metric tons, due to airlines increasing flight capacities in the first month of the 2004 summer season and deploying correspondingly larger aircraft.  In addition, the number of airlines flying to and from FRA increased by 4 to 112 and the number of destination countries increased by 3 to 109.

    The other airports of the Fraport Group also reported growth in traffic for April 2004.  Combined, the six airports in the Group served about six million passengers - 18.2 percent more than in April 2003.  With 234,569  passengers, Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) registered a 20.2 percent increase in passenger traffic.  With 699,588 passengers, Antalya Airport (AYT) even recorded 113.8 percent growth compared to the same period last year.  Lima Airport (LIM) also recorded a noticeable jump in traffic, growing 19.4 percent to 400,438 passengers.  However, Hanover Airport (HAJ) saw traffic drop by 0.9 percent to 408,809 passengers; Saarbrücken also saw figures decline by 4.6 percent to 31,964 passengers.  Cargo throughput for the Fraport Group amounted to 171,382 metric tons, 13.7 percent more than in the corresponding month last year. The Fraport Group's airports had a total of 60,495 takeoffs and landings, 7.3  percent more than the same month last year.

    Frankfurt Airport’s Traffic Figures – April 2004

                                April 2004    Change 2    Jan. - April  Change 2
                                                    April 04/        2004         Jan. - April
                                                    April 03                          04/03

Passengers 1              4,149,703    11.8 %      15,435,846            8.1 %

Airfreight 1                  
in metric tons              137,728    13.1 %          544,298            9.1 %

in metric tons                 8,957    -7.6 %            40,453          -7.3 %

Aircraft Movements 3      38,630      3.3 %          150,786            0.9 %

MTOWs 3                            
in metric tons          2,185,463      5.6 %        8,441,758            2.8 %

share of punctual          
arrivals and                  
departures in                
percent                            83.5                                76.4                        

1 Total traffic (arrivals + departures + transit, incl. general aviation) 2 Change over previous year 3 Excluding military flights

  Fraport Group – Traffic Figures for April 2004

  Airports         Passengers1    Change      Airfreight        Change
                          absolute        in %         in metric          in %
                                                                  tons (incl.

  Frankfurt        4,149,115         11.8          144,813          11.7
  Antalya2            699,588        113.8          n.a.                n.a.
  Hahn3                 234,569         20.2          15,613            22.8
  Hanover              408,809         -0.9          1,218            -18.7
  Lima                  400,438         19.4          9,734              41.3
  Saarbrücken         31,964         -4.6          4                  -42.9
  Fraport Group 5,924,483         18.2          171,382          13.7  

                          Aircraft Movements      Change
                              absolute                    in %
Frankfurt                 38,630                    3.3
Antalya2                    4,634                  84.0
Hahn3                         2,784                    9.3
Hanover                      7,212                  -1.6
Lima                          6,090                  14.0
Saarbrücken                1,145                  -6.3
Fraport Group          60,495                    7.3

1 Passengers (commercial traffic: arrivals + departures + transit) 2 International passengers and movements only 3 Hahn cargo (incl. cargo transported by truck)

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