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17.12.2001 – 10:25

Fraport AG

Fraport AG Creates General Manager Positions to Head Two Business Divisions

Frankfurt, Germany (ots)

The Supervisory Board of Fraport AG
Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide announced last Friday the
creation of two general manager positions to be responsible for the
overall direction of the company's two largest business divisions,
Traffic and Retail (VTM) and Aviation Ground Services and Logistics
(BVD).  Effective January 1, 2002, Bernd L. Struck (age 44), who is
currently Executive Vice President of VTM, and Peter Schmitz (age
51), who is Executive Vice President of BVD, will assume the new
general manager positions for their respective divisions.  These
appointments are a further step in Fraport AG's policy of
decentralization and increased customer orientation, with clearly
assigned responsibilities in the Aviation and Non-aviation business
segments, as well as Ground Handling.
Bernd Struck, with Fraport AG since July 1997, was initially
responsible for terminal operations. In October 1999 he became Senior
Vice President of the newly formed VTM strategic business division,
which also includes airside management at Frankfurt Airport. Before
joining Fraport, Struck was Managing Director of United Airlines for
Germany and Austria, as well as Chairman of BARIG, the Board of
Airlines Representatives in Germany.
Peter Schmitz (age 51), who holds a degree in business
administration, came to Fraport AG in March 2001. For over 25 years,
he held various position in the field of air force logistics at the
national and international level. Before joining Fraport, he headed
the logistics department of NATO Air Forces Central Europe in
Ramstein, Germany, where he was responsible for supporting the
deployment of the German Air Force's operational units.
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