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30.05.2014 – 15:58

Fraport AG

Fraport AGM: Shareholders Formally Approve the Actions of the Executive Board for Business Year 2013 - New Supervisory Board Members Elected

Frankfurt (ots)

Lufthansa Manager Peter Gerber and MP Frank-Peter Kaufmann, Member of the Hesse State Parliament, Elected as New Supervisory Board Members - Dividend to Remain Stable at EUR 1.25 per Share

At Fraport AG's 13th regular Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Group's executive board and supervisory board members received formal approval of their actions for business year 2013 by a vast majority of shareholders - obtaining 99.94 percent and 99.88 percent respectively of the shareholders' votes. Furthermore, shareholders ratified the recommendation of the executive and supervisory boards to pay a dividend of EUR 1.25 per share for fiscal year 2013. The Fraport share's dividend has thus remained stable since business year 2010. At the beginning of the AGM, executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte gave an account of the board's business activities carried out during fiscal year 2013 and answered the shareholders' questions during a general discussion.

Two new members to Fraport AG's supervisory board were also elected at the AGM, following the resignation of Karl Ulrich Garnadt and Jörg-Uwe Hahn from the board. Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo AG, was elected with 86.63 percent of the votes to Fraport's supervisory board, while Frank-Peter Kaufmann, member of the Hesse state parliament, received 85.88 percent of the votes.

A total of 1,329 shareholders attended today's AGM at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt-Höchst. The AGM was chaired by Fraport AG?s supervisory board chairman, Karlheinz Weimar.

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