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28.08.2003 – 10:59

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Johnson Controls launches a host of innovations at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2003
Engaging all the senses in automotive interiors

    Burscheid (ots)

At this year's International Motor Show (IAA), Johnson Controls, one of the world's leading suppliers of automotive interior systems, is launching a whole range of innovative products for all areas of the vehicle interior. One of the highlights of the company's press conference on 10 September, 2003 at 11.00 a.m. in Hall 5.1, Booth B16 will be the "Sensory" concept, a new approach to product development based on engaging all the senses. In addition, Johnson Controls will be unveiling new electronics solutions and an expanded range of electronics solutions as the result of a recent acquisition in this field.          Sensory - more emotions in cars          "Sensory" is a concept based on engaging all the human senses that both intentionally and unintentionally contribute to the emotional appeal of a vehicle. "Sensory" is not a specific product. It is more of a guiding principle for developing future products, to enhance the way people perceive and experience the technologies and features of automotive interiors. The goal is to create added value by making these technologies and product features more in tune with our sensory perceptions. This new design approach has the dual advantage of promoting the development of user-friendly products that can also be adapted to suit individual needs and preferences, so that drivers identify even more closely with their vehicle interior.          Enhanced seating comfort with Leap Automotive Seating          What do car seats and office chairs have in common? Well, almost all of us spend a good part of our day sitting in both of them. This is why, in cooperation with the office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, Johnson Controls developed "Leap Automotive Seating", a seating concept based on the special ergonomic features of an office chair. It automatically adjusts to your individual movements and provides optimal support for the spine. The seat back and cushion move as one unit, ensuring the required distance between driver and cockpit is always maintained. This simplifies overall seat operation and significantly increases occupant comfort.          Discreet lighting creates pleasant ambience          Johnson Controls addresses visual comfort with a new lighting solution for the rear overhead area. The special feature of this new lighting system is that it is seamlessly integrated beneath the textile surface of the overhead console, making it invisible to vehicle occupants. When switched on, it produces discreet, pleasant lighting that generates a cosy atmosphere and makes the driving experience more pleasurable for all occupants. This new lighting solution was developed in cooperation with Philips.          Light integration in doors          The integration of lighting is just as important in the vehicle's door panels as it is in the overhead area. Johnson Controls will be exhibiting a Smart door panel with translucent substrate material and an integrated lighting concept. The result is ambient and functional lighting. A range of fabrics and colors also allows variation in the door panel design to appeal to individual tastes.

    Optimal sound makes the driving experience more pleasurable          Audio quality is another important factor in meeting the demand for more comfort in vehicle interiors. Audio-specialists at Johnson Controls and Philips Sound Solutions have optimized the overall acoustics in vehicle interiors by introducing built-in Flat Speaker Technology. Tiny audio speakers are invisibly integrated into the substrate materials, eliminating the need for conventional audio speakers. With the integration of the Flat Speakers, there is no longer a need for openings in car door panels, meaning that less exterior noise penetrates into the vehicle interior. The new technology gives automakers more design freedom in the development of future interiors, and at the same time reduces the overall weight.          Further advances in electronics          Johnson Controls also focuses on the holistic integration of electronic components. As a result of a recent acquisition in the electronics field, Johnson Controls considerably expanded its range of electronics products and services to include such innovations as cockpit instruments for high-end vehicles, electronic park distance control, and sophisticated analog clocks. A hands-free telephone with Bluetooth compatibility and multi-voice recognition is also being displayed at this year's show.          Flexibility overhead in the rear          Integrated into a vehicle's overhead system, the Overhead Rail System features a flexible docking technology that provides for the attachment of a variety of modular devices. In addition to CD/DVD players or a video display, storage bins or first-aid kits can also be integrated. The driver can customize the system at any time as required and in a number of different ways. A simple plug-and-play mechanism makes the modules easy-to-install and just as easy to remove again.

      However, just as important as the comfort of the driver and
front-seat passenger is the well-being of the occupants in the rear
of the vehicle. This is made possible by AutoVision, a versatile and
easy-to-use entertainment system that can be used to play both DVD
movies and audio CDs. The system provides a more pleasant way to
travel for the whole family. The rear-seat passengers can use
AutoVision at any time, without disturbing the driver or front-seat
passenger. Travelers in the rear seat can watch their favorite video
using stereo headphones, leaving the driver to concentrate on the
road. Owners of the new Ford Fusion+ or the Ford Focus C-Max will
soon be able to benefit from the advantages of AutoVision, as it is
available as an option for both models. AutoVision is already
available for the Renault Vel Satis, the Opel Zafira and the Omega
Caravan as well as for various BMW models.
    Johnson Controls, Inc. is a global market leader in automotive
systems and facility management and control. In the automotive
market, it is a leading supplier of seating and interior systems and
batteries. For non-residential facilities, Johnson Controls provides
building control components and systems and facility management
    Johnson Controls (New York Stock Exchange: JCI), founded in 1885,
has its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The European
headquarters is in Burscheid, Germany. Its sales for 2002 totaled
20.1 billion US-Dollars, the Automotive Group alone accounting for 15
billion US-Dollars of this figure. In the current "Industry Week"
business magazine rankings, Johnson Controls has been listed as one
of the top 100 best run companies in the world for the fifth time in

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