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10.06.2021 – 12:16


TNO research shows effectiveness of corona cannon

Rijswijk, Netherlands (ots/PRNewswire)

Addition due to incomplete information in the press release as sent on 4 June 2021

Analyses carried out by TNO in a BSL-3 laboratory cabinet showed that the corona gun had achieved a 94.9% reduction in the Covid -19 virus after 15 minutes. In the laboratory set-up, the (live) virus was located on stainless steel plates at 85 cm from the device.

Earlier, the Dutch scientific institute assessed tests by laboratories in India and Mexico, which showed that the system reduced surrogate viruses of SARS COV-2, such as the AVIAN Corona virus (Avian Influenza) and other coronaviruses, by 99.7% within five to fifteen minutes in enclosed spaces of up to 100 m2.

These tests with the surrogate viruses involved both tests with viruses in aerosol form and on surfaces.

According to TNO, the AVIAN Corona virus is phylogenetically close to the SARS-CoV2 virus.

"TNO has shown in the laboratory that the Shycocan helps to render the coronavirus harmless. It therefore helps to reduce the risk of infection", says TNO.

The corona gun creates a negatively charged electron cloud using photons. These react with the positively charged spikes of corona viruses. This neutralizes the virus and prevents it from entering human cells.

Worldwide, 70,000 devices have now been installed.

Scalene emphasizes that it is not an air purification system or a medical device. It does not produce ozone and is therefore safe for humans and animals. Nor is it a substitute for corona measures. The device is purely electronic and aims to be a tool to reduce the risk of contamination.

SARS COV-2 and other viruses that are dangerous to humans will continue to emerge, and always in different variants. We will probably have to continue vaccinating and taking measures for years. This device is extremely suitable for reducing the risk of infection by Corona viruses in rooms.

Other laboratories had already demonstrated antiviral activity against surrogate SARS-CoV2 viruses. TNO has assessed these tests and has now also demonstrated antiviral activity against live SARS-CoV2.

1] TNO 2021 R10988 Viricidal efficacy of surface disinfection system on SARS COV-2.

Tel: +31 70 2008 678.

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