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Kezzler Delivers Farm-to-fork Authenticate and Traceability System to Chinese National Agricultural Park

Oslo, Norway (ots/PRNewswire)

Kezzler enables RunHui Agriculture to secure its supply chain and protect well-known Chinese food products from counterfeits

Kezzler was selected by RunHui Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co. Ltd (referred to as RunHui) to provide a traceability and authentication solution to The National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Hanting District, Weifang, Shandon Provence China. Kezzler's serialization technology is initially being utilized for the production of the renowned Weixian radish, which is specific to the region. With full traceability across the entire supply chain, RunHui is able to ensure food safety and quality for their consumers.

The project involves the application of unique, secure, and traceable QR codes to every pack of radishes. In addition, there is a four-digit hidden pin code for authentication.

Chen Hailin, Senior Project Manager at RunHui Agriculture commented,

"We were impressed with Kezzler's technology and the speed and ease at which it could be integrated with our existing digital infrastructure. This enabled us to create a connected and visible supply chain to support the objectives of the Industrial Park. The solution helps ensure that our supply chain has the responsiveness to maximize productivity based on data collected and deliver high-quality and safe products. A quick and easy authentication process reassures consumers that they have purchased genuine Weixian radishes, protecting the reputation of the Weixian brand and the economic growth of the region. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Kezzler in the future."

Kezzler's state of the art traceability platform is integrated with the Industrial Park's existing big data platform provided by Beijing Aokemei Tech & Service Ltd. Upstream information such as batch, picking dates and inspection can be associated with the unique codes, allowing all data to be stored in one central platform for full traceability.

Christine C. Akselsen, CEO of Kezzler

"Kezzler is at the forefront of unit-level traceability, with the ability to change the global food industry forever by making every single product digitally unique and interactive. Our extremely agile and scalable suite of cloud-based solutions provides visibility from creation to consumption. Traceability supports food safety and opens up new channels for brands to engage directly with consumers who are demanding more information beyond that displayed on the product label. Food fraud poses a serious risk to public health and threatens the economic development of agricultural regions, therefore the ability for consumers to verify their purchases directly is of increasing importance. Kezzler is proud to support the efforts of RunHui to promote sustainable and efficient farming that benefits all parties."

The solution is integrated with China's popular WeChat platform allowing consumers to scan the product directly from within the app on their phone. By entering the four-digit pin code, consumers can receive instant verification that the product is genuine and experience the farm-to-fork journey of the exact product in hand.

In 2020 the serialization will be extended to cover Hanting watermelons.

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