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07.11.2019 – 04:00

Purevento GmbH

Fighting air pollution: German clean air specialist Purevento develops mobile air purifiers for school yards, terraces, hotels and many other applications

Fighting air pollution: German clean air specialist Purevento develops mobile air purifiers for school yards, terraces, hotels and many other applications
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Trittau (Germany)Trittau (Germany) (ots)

In many major cities worldwide, the air is so bad that it poses an increased risk of related illnesses for people if it is left unfiltered. Air filtration systems can significantly improve the quality of urban life. The design of the Purevento device is based on a simple mode of action: The air is extracted directly from the street, where fine dust particles and gaseous substances such as nitrogen oxides are emitted. The purified air is slowed down and released clean on the pedestrian side. Dimensions, weight, and mode of operation are optimized for easy handling and relocation. The air purifier S-Model can clean up to 60,000 m3 of air per hour if necessary, which corresponds to the volume of 1,800 ship containers. After a successful trial phase supervised by authorities in Kiel (Germany), international callers, including from China and India, expressed their interest in using the filter technology in metropolises with a high level of fine dust pollution.

"Air is a public domain and should be available to everyone, clean and without limitations," says inventor Robert Krüger, CEO of Germany-based Purevento GmbH. Since 2008, Krüger has been developing innovative fabrics for air improvement in buildings in the tranquil town of Trittau under the umbrella of trittec AG. Since he started looking at urban air quality in spring 2017, he couldn't get the unsolved problem of polluted urban air out of his head. He found enthusiastic allies and established Purevento GmbH. Krüger and his team quickly discovered: The current approaches to purifying air in cities are still too inefficient, too energy-intensive, too complicated to operate, or too expensive to make economic and ecological sense.

How Purevento urban air purifier works

The closed system sucks in the polluted air directly in front of the unit and runs it through the first filter level, where about 90% of the fine particles are removed. This pre-purified air is forced out to the other side through the second filter level, where up to 85% of the gaseous pollutants (including nitrogen oxides and ozone) contained in it are removed. The air intake system uses a proprietary motor. As soon as the saturation limit of the filter media is reached, they are replaced on location and then incinerated with the pollutants in an environmentally friendly manner under high temperatures as household waste (at disposal companies) without leaving any residue. Depending on the particular local exposure, Purevento expects one to two filter changes per year.

Two variants - suitable for all applications

Two model variants are planned for series production of the air purifier: the S-Model for large public areas and streets and the compact M-Model for indoors or school yards. The standard S-Model version can reach an air cleaning capacity of up to 60,000 cbm/h through external power supply. This is the equivalent of 1,800 standard shipping containers. The external power supply allows for particularly compact external dimensions of this model. The required power can be easily drawn from the municipal power grid. The model can be used stationary, but can also be relocated at any time. The unit can be transported by truck and easily set up at another location.

No Retrofitting of filter systems

Retrofitting of filter systems in existing building services systems of schools or hotels is often difficult. It is expensive and technically complicated. Purevento, offers a clever solution to this issue. Based on the compact model M-20, which is designed for indoor use such as hotel lobbies or terraces, the M-27 and M-30 air purifiers are designed to clean smaller public spaces such as schoolyards. For larger rooms or areas multiple air purifiers can also be combined. In order to ensure optimum air quality in every case, Purevento provides simulations for every application to interested parties. The compact dimensions of the air filtration systems allow them to be individually configured and adapted to the respective environment: for almost invisible use in hotels or corporate headquarters, as an advertising medium in public spaces, or the deluxe model for integration into residential living spaces. And always very quiet. 'This is how we make good air in living spaces possible with a device that is hardly noticeable visually or acoustically,' says Andreas Hildebrandt, urban air purifier project manager at Purevento GmbH.

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About Purevento GmbH (Germany)

Purevento is a German self-financed sister company of trittec AG from Trittau in southern Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), which was founded in 2003. The urban air purifier is designed to remove highly problematic particulate matter contamination as well as ozone and nitrogen oxides from city air near traffic. It can also be used for air purification in heavily polluted sensitive outdoor areas such as schools and daycare centers. The first serial products will be delivered this year. The inventions and developments for the air purifier have been registered for worldwide patents. The CEO of Purevento GmbH is Mr. Robert Krüger. For more information about the products, please go to

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