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29.06.2020 – 09:42

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Extra life for the Nintendo Switch: How to fix common issues

Extra life for the Nintendo Switch: How to fix common issues
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Sooner or later, every Nintendo Switch shows the signs of the times in form of a dying battery, Joy-Con drift or other worn out parts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a new one. iFixit, the biggest online repair community, provides an easy—and cost effective—solution: fix the console yourself. Hundreds of Switch users have successfully fixed the drift in their Joy-Cons, from experienced engineers to first-time fixers.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take the right tools.

The secret to a successful Switch repair is using the right items—starting with the opening. It requires a Tri-point screwdriver, and an extra opening pick, in the case of a Joy-Con fix. Inside the gadget dungeon, you’ll use your indispensable spudger to battle more screws, fragile cable connections and other snares.

You probably won’t find a Tri-point driver and a spudger in most household toolbox inventories. That’s why iFixit offers Fix Kits which include a spare part, as well as all the tools you’ll need to do the replacement. Plus, you can find a free step-by-step repair guide on

Frequent faults, simple solutions

The cause of Joy-Con drift remains a mystery, though it’s a widely spread and often discussed hardware issue. “Nintendo seems to be producing a few subtly different models of joysticks and they all have weird differences so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is,” iFixit tech writer Taylor Dixon told OneZero in an email interview earlier this year.

Dixon thinks “the contact pads that read the joystick movements get worn down over time, resulting in erratic read behavior that registers as a ‘drift.’”

Nintendo offers its own repair service, but the process of mailing in your broken Joy-Con or Switch and waiting for the repair can take weeks—valuable time you could spend beating bosses and completing quests. Using an iFixit Joy-Con Fix Kit to fix the drift will have you back to hitting rocks and shooting arrows in no time at all—and you might have some money leftover for a new game.

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