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04.06.2020 – 10:33

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No (e-)waste of time: Why fixing the Apple Watch makes sense

No (e-)waste of time: Why fixing the Apple Watch makes sense
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The global smartwatch market keeps growing, and the Apple Watch continues to be the most popular one. It’s a trend the world’s largest online repair community iFixit can confirm: In the UK, the Apple Watch is the 13th most visited device for repair guides on

13.7 million smartwatches were sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2020, and more than half of them were Apple Watches. Apple just released its sixth Watch, the Series 5, in September 2019 (with a new model expected this year), but upgrading has its costs.

Tiny gadget, large environmental impacts

Smartwatches are small, but their CO2 footprint is bigger than expected: According to Apple, a single Apple Watch has a carbon footprint of 40 kg, which is a thousand times as much as its average weight of 40 g. More than 70% of these emissions are created during manufacturing. For comparison: a MacBook Pro creates 400 kg of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to the weight of 200 MacBook Pros.

Smooth as glass but still repairable

That means that each newly produced and purchased Apple Watch is—despite its size—an environmental burden that shouldn’t be underestimated. And even if those small devices with tiny, shiny surface don’t seem so: they are repairable. In order to increase repair options, provides step-by-step guides and spare parts for Apple Watch battery replacements and other repairs—even for models out of warranty, and for models Apple no longer supports.

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