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03.04.2020 – 11:25

iFixit Europe

#FixAtHome: Online repair community iFixit launches DIY-at-home campaign

#FixAtHome: Online repair community iFixit launches DIY-at-home campaign
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Due to COVID-19, people are spending an unusual amount of time at home. In order to encourage them to help themselves and inspire them to rethink their relationship with their stuff, iFixit is running a #FixAtHome campaign supported by Sugru, Fairphone, and other organizations from across the globe.

The current circumstances aren’t just mentally challenging—peoples’ home infrastructure is also under greater stress than usual. Whether it’s laptops and coffee makers for the home office, phones for socializing, or gaming consoles and e-book readers for leisure, whatever breaks now might make quarantine less bearable.

Together with other companies, activists and repair volunteers, iFixit has launched a global campaign to encourage people to fix their broken stuff and share their success stories with the hashtag #FixAtHome on Instagram and Twitter. The goal is to raise awareness for the necessity of repair, and to demonstrate how diverse, easy and ordinary repair solutions can be.

The average European owns 10,000 things. With #FixAtHome, iFixit wants to draw attention to the fact that most of these things are worth being fixed when they break—and not just because they have personal value. Repair is a crucial contribution to sustainability, which is why the EU wants to introduce a Right to Repair regulation with its Circular Economy Action Plan, which would make phones and other electronic devices easier to repair. For household appliances, similar standards will already be introduced in 2021.

Fixing more means less waste and less production of new products with large CO2 footprints. 50 million tons of e-waste are generated each year, and the manufacturing of consumer goods like electronics and clothing have enormous impacts on the environment and human health. In order to solve this problem, repair is indispensable.

About iFixit:

iFixit is the world's largest online community for repair and was founded by Kyle Wiens and Luke Soules in 2003. connects people all across the globe and shows them how to easily fix their stuff. The website offers more than 60,000 free repair guides for phones, consoles, coffee makers and other everyday life items—written by a global community of fixers and DIY experts.

An additional online shop with high-quality toolkits and spare parts enables iFixit to provide its comprehensive platform and guides for free, and thus make repair knowledge accessible to everyone.


Dorothea Kessler | iFixit Europe Outreach & PR

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