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23.03.2020 – 14:42

iFixit Europe

Online community iFixit is crowdsourcing repair information for hospital equipment

Online community iFixit is crowdsourcing repair information for hospital equipment
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Medical teams around the world do a heroic job these days—and to be able to, they are heavily dependent on medical devices. It’s absolutely crucial to keep those devices intact during their heavy utilization. In order to help ensuring that, iFixit is building an online resource for repair and maintenance information on medical equipment.

Ventilators are among the most needed machines right now, and there’s a lack of them everywhere in Europe. Italy even started sending soldiers to boost their production, Germany ordered 10,000 new devices already, and UK’s Prime Minister called manufacturers to increase the national production. But manufacturers have production limits, and it’s hard to tell how many ventilators and other medical devices will fail once hospitals are truly taxed, or which parts of those machines are most at risk.

Only a few manufacturers host service manuals for their equipment, and there is no central source of information for biomedical technicians to find relevant and useful repair information. Thus, looking up manuals often requires time that is better used saving lives.

In a detailed blog, iFixit summarizes what anyone can do to support the intentions of saving medics precious time: iFixit’s goal is to create an accessible and comprehensive service resource. “What happens when the biomed gets sick and a nurse is tasked with fixing a machine that she’s never worked on before?”, asks iFixit founder Kyle Wiens. “Finding the right place to start in the service manual can be challenging. So we’re going to break them up into useful guides. We’ve done this before with medical equipment and by reaching out to local biomeds.”

With the help of medical experts and volunteers from all around the globe, iFixit hopes to be able to facilitate the repair and maintenance of hospital equipment wherever it’s needed—and to highlight the necessity of repair information being available all along the line.

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